Join us in London or Edinburgh for briefings on assessment security

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

This June, we’re getting together with online invigilation leader ProctorU to deliver breakfast briefings in two UK cities.Proctor U

The briefings, to be held in London on 17th June and in Edinburgh on 18th June, will focus on innovative technologies that make it possible to deliver high-stakes tests using almost any webcam and computer, anywhere in the world .

Online courses help organisations increase accessibility to their programs, but until recently, when it came time for an exam, students had to travel to a test centre. Now, if you can study remotely, it’s equally feasible to you take exams remotely, too. Using online invigilators or proctors is a practical solution for institutions and organisations worldwide — a means of providing secure testing at a distance.

The sessions – co-presented by Questionmark and ProctorU, will explain the basics of online invigilation, discuss proven strategies for alleviating the testing centre burden and explore how the “last mile” of high-stakes test delivery can meet the goals and needs of all stakeholders.bb3

The breakfast briefings will include a complimentary breakfast at 8.45 a.m. followed by presentations and discussions until about 12:30 p.m.

These gatherings are ideal for educators, instructional designers and managers from academic institutions, businesses and other organisations.

The sessions offer an excellent way to learn about the newest online assessment technologies and services. They’re also a great opportunity to meet other assessment professionals in your area.

If you’re new to online assessment or online invigilation, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Register your attendance now for London or Edinburgh.

Barcelona or San Antonio or both?

John Kleeman HeadshotPosted by John Kleeman

Questionmark users conferences are unforgettable. I’ve been to all 14 of them so far and each is engraved in my memory as an empowering, enriching and mesmerising event.  We are running two user conferences in the next few months and if you have a chance to attend one (or both!) I promise you won’t regret

Our first upcoming conference is the Questionmark European conference in Barcelona, Spain on 10-12 November. Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in Europe and will be a great place to learn from other assessment professionals. You can see details at Walk San Antonio

Our second upcoming conference is the Questionmark US User Conference in San Antonio, Texas on 4-7 March, 2014. San Antonio is the home of the Alamo and the conference venue is part of the River Walk — a uniquely peaceful and positive environment for a conference. You can see details at

Here are five reasons I think Questionmark conferences are worth coming to:

1. Learn about assessments. I’ve been working with assessments for over 25 years … I know a lot, but  I’m still learning. Quizzes, surveys, tests and exams are hugely powerful ways of measuring human behavior and helping organizations improve. There is so much to learn.

2. Learn from Questionmark.  Our best presenters and technical experts are at the conference, and they have a lot to share.

Conversation at a Questionmark user conference3. Learn from peers. Most attendees say that the best thing about a Questionmark user conference is that they meet and learn from peers who have similar issues to them. A problem shared is often a problem solved, and you can find out what other people have done in their organization to solve the problems you are facing in yours.

4. Influence the future of the product. What we learn at these conferences contributes hugely to how we improve our products and services. Our product owners (people like Jim Farrell, Austin Fossey, Doug Peterson and Steve Lay)  attend the conferences and listen carefully to what our customers say.

5. Great cities. We know that people who come to our conferences go back to their organization passionate about online assessments and enthusiastic about wider use of Questionmark. We choose great venues for our conferences, and provide memorable experiences in a great environment so the conferences are fantastic personal experiences as well as being fulfilling learning opportunities.

I look forward to meeting readers of this blog at the conferences. And if any conference attendee can name the cities where the 14 conferences prior to these ones were held, I will buy you to a drink of your choice!

Get details here for the European Conference and here for the US Conference.

Keep pace with assessment news and trends at European learning events

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

bb2We recently held a Breakfast Briefing at London Microsoft, where Questionmark users and other assessment and measurement professionals  discussed the various ways in which online assessment helps to ensure regulatory compliance.

The briefing included some stimulating questions and answers and a demonstration of our browser-based authoring tool, Questionmark Live. Stephen Kelly from The London Fire Brigade, shared how England’s largest fire service uses Questionmark for training confirmation and high-stakes exams.

If you missed the meeting, you may view the presentation slides here.

bb1Events like this one offer an opportunity to see our technologies in action, speak with Questionmark experts, and meet with  individuals from a wide range of industries.

The 2013 Questionmark European Users Conference is another great learning opportunity. It packs two days of learning, networking and fun into one memorable occasion. This year the conference will take place November 10-12 in Barcelona.

Whether you’re new to Questionmark or have been using our technologies for years, there are plenty of reasons to attend this event! And if you sign up by July 15th you will save €130. Click here to register now.


Webinars on Mobile Assessment, Regulatory Compliance and Browser-Based Authoring

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

Our current UK Web seminars offer technology updates and some guidance on how to use assessment to benefit your organisation.

All of these one-hour webinars are scheduled for 11 a.m. London BST

What’s New in Questionmark Live Browser-Based Authoring? – June 12 and July 4
Subject matter experts (SMEs) can easily write questions and complete assessments anytime, anywhere thanks to our easy-to-use, browser-based authoring tool. Join this session to learn about the newest authoring features in Questionmark Live.

Creating Assessments for Mobile Delivery — Wednesday, 29 May and Thursday, 20 June
You can deliver a single assessment to many different types of devices, and process the results centrally. Join this webinar to learn about a cost-effective and flexible way to provide assessments for people on the move. You will find out how to create assessments that sit well on a small screen.

Using Assessments to Mitigate Risk and Ensure Regulatory Compliance – Thursday, 6 June and Wednesday 26 June
This session will explain how assessments can help your organization demonstrate commitment to comply with laws, warn of a lack of knowledge before it impacts the business and provide evidence that appropriate precautions such as training have taken place.

Introduction to Questionmark’ s Assessment Management System – Thursday, 30 May and Wednesday, 19 June
This introductory web seminar explains and demonstrates key features and functions available in Questionmark OnDemand and Questionmark Perception. It will show how you can use our assessment management technologies within your organisation.

Click here to sign up for any of these webinars.

Spring webinars on mobile assessment, regulatory compliance and more

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

With the start to a new season right around the corner, we at Questionmark in the U.K. are happy to offer four Web seminars on important topics for people involved in assessment.

All of these one-hour webinars are scheduled for 11 a.m. London —GMT:

What’s New in Questionmark Live Browser-Based Authoring? – Thursday, 21 March & Wednesday, 17 April

We’re excited to share with you many new assessment authoring features. Our easy-to-use, browser-based authoring tool makes it easy for subject matter experts (SMEs) to create and review assessment content.

Creating Assessments for Mobile Delivery — Wednesday, 27 March & Thursday, 25 April

With 45% of Internet users now accessing it via mobile devices, many learning professionals are considering how to leverage mobile devices such as smart phones or the iPad for delivering assessment content. Find out in this session about a cost-effective and flexible way to provide assessments for people on the go.

Introduction to Questionmark’s Assessment Management System – Thursday, 4 April & Wednesday, 1 May

Learn about the range of assessment solutions enabled by the Questionmark’s assessment management technologies. This introductory web seminar explains and demonstrates key features and functions available in Questionmark OnDemand and Questionmark Perception.

Using Assessments to Mitigate Risk and Ensure Regulatory Compliance – Wednesday, 10 April  &  Thursday, 9 May

Regulatory compliance in the financial services industry as well as other sectors has been a hot topic for the last year. This session will explain how assessments can help demonstrate an organization’s commitment to comply with laws, detect a lack of knowledge within a company and provide evidence that training has taken place.

Click here to sign up for any of these webinars.

New Online Training Opportunities for Questionmark Users

Kate Sopper

Posted by Chloe Mendonca

For those who want to get started using Questionmark; we are pleased to have launched a new range of online training courses to get participants acquainted with our software. We have completed our first round of these courses and are pleased at the response so far.

Our European Training Manager Kate Soper, who has extensive experience in e-assessment and has taught many Questionmark training courses over the years, leads all three of these online courses. She was able to share with me some of the ways course participants will be able to benefit from the syllabus as well as her advice and support:

How long have you been with Questionmark and what does your role entail?

I’ve been working with the company since 2008 as the European trainer. I travel to our customers’ offices in many different countries to train them in using Questionmark Perception, in addition to holding courses at our London Office.  I have just completed my Post Graduate Certificate in ‘Online and Distance Education: Practices and Debates’ with the Open University in the UK, which has added to my knowledge of online assessment methods.

What led Questionmark to start offering  online courses?

We started these courses in  response to requests from our customers to learn more about Questionmark in a limited time frame. We thought the online courses would be the perfect way to reach out to those unable to attend our 3 day in-house course. Many encounter difficulties attending our 3-day face-to-face training course because of the pre-selected dates as well as the travel and accommodation expenses involved, whereas Online Training now permits learning from the comfort of your own desk!

Who do you think would benefit from this kind of training ?

At the moment we have 3 courses available. Our Introduction to Authoring Manager and Introduction to Enterprise Manager courses, which last 2 to 3 hours, are for people with  basic computer skills who want to get started creating, delivering and analyzing surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

Our third course, Customising the Participant Interface, lasts about 5 to 6 hours. It goes into more detail than the other two and is aimed at people who already have some experience using Questionmark technologies.

Whatever the level of each course, we provide supporting materials to all participants and I can  offer additional help after the course is completed if necessary.

What kind of reactions do you generally get from people who attend these courses?

People say they appreciate the flexibility of this approach and like learning about the full capabilities of our software. They also like the fact that I can help them a bit even after the course is over. This helps them to move forward with their projects and put into practice what they’ve learned .

Click here for full course details, dates and online registration

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