9 Tips to Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

The security of test results is crucial to the validity of test scores. Check out 9 tips to prevent cheating and ensure test security in the  infographic below.

If you’d like more details about these and other tips on ensuring the security and defensibility of your assessments you can download our white paper: Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely. [Free after registration]

Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security from Questionmark‘s Slideshare page

2 Responses to 9 Tips to Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security

  1. Ryan Tracey says:

    Excellent advice, Chloe.

    You my also be interested in my 14 reasons why your multiple-choice quiz sucks: http://wp.me/pf1R0-1rY



  2. Hi Ryan,

    Your post is very interesting– I agree with you on a major point, just like any quiz or exam, MCQs must be well thought out and designed in order to be effective. Another point that you don’t address is the idea of feedback, and the importance it plays in multiple choice quizzes. You can read more about this in John Kleeman’s blog post: Multiple choice quizzes help learning, especially with feedback — http://blog.questionmark.com/multiple-choice-tests-help-learning-especially-with-feedback

    Thank you for your comment!


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