Announcing Questionmark Analytics for Easy, Flexible Reporting

Posted by Joan Phaup

We’re very pleased to announce that Questionmark Analytics, our next-generation reporting system, has just become available with this week’s release of Questionmark Perception version 5.3 OnDemand.

Example Course Summary Report Chart

Users of our OnDemand Solutions now have access to the next-generation reporting tools of Questionmark Analytics, which is one of several improvements in version 5.3. The others include:

  • A new, portal-based interface for access to administrative and reporting functions
  • Multilingual Administrative interfaces now available in six language
  • Shorter, standardized URLs for both participants and administrators to log in with

Questionmark Analytics pulls information from a shared repository and stores it in a specially constructed Results Warehouse. Users can designate what data to analyze and display in their reports. They can also choose how they’d like to distribute reports to stakeholders — as HTML, PDF or CSV files.

Questionmark Analytics includes eight new reports – including four focused on course evaluation and two new item bank reports:

  • Course Summary
  • Instructor Summary
  • Class Summary
  • Class Detail Report
  • Survey Frequency Analysis
  • Assessment Results Over Time
  • Question Status
  • Question Type

We’ll be explaining how to use these reports in future blog posts, so stay tuned!

2 Responses to Announcing Questionmark Analytics for Easy, Flexible Reporting

  1. Ron Hackbart says:

    We are using QM on Demand but do not seem to have access to this. What do I need to do to get the QM Analytics? What do I need to do to upgrad to QM version 5.3?



  2. Joan Phaup Joan Phaup says:

    Have your organization’s support contact get in touch with Questionmark Customer Care – they’ll be able to help you with this.

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