Assessments Through the Learning Process: Video & white paper

Headshot JuliePosted by Julie Delazyn

Quizzes, tests, and exams do so much more than determine whether or not a learner passed a training course. These assessments, as well as surveys, play a crucial role in learning, performance improvement and regulatory compliance. I’m please to share an 8-minute video that explores the varied and important roles assessments play before, during and after a learning experience.

This video — as well as our white paper, Assessments through the Learning Process, are great places to start exploring the possibility of using online assessments in education, training, certification or compliance. They explain how you can use assessments to improve learning and measurement, and will point you to many additional information sources.

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  1. Ronald says:


    “Teach as you preach”

    Why is there no questionaire at the start of the video?
    Why not at the end of the video?

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