About: Eric Shepherd

I’m Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark, and I’ve been lucky enough to have dedicated over twenty years to studying and understanding the use of tests and assessments. I serve on the board of the Association of Test Publishers and chaired that organization’s European division. In my many years in this industry I’ve learned a lot from our customers and from our friends. During that time I have been very involved in the IMS Learning Consortium’s Question and Test Interoperability standard, the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), TechLearn, the eLearning Guild, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the UK Computer Aided Assessment Conference, (CAA), TechLearn, eLearning Brasil, Online Educa Berlin, and many other activities. I’m passionate about establishing effective deployment of online assessments. Through workshops around the world, white papers and dialogue I constantly challenge myself and those around me to push boundaries on secure assessment technology and on the role assessments play in the learning process. When I’m not traveling on behalf of Questionmark, I am happy to be living in Miami, Florida, though I seldom find enough time in the day to enjoy the Sunshine State!
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