Better Shared Question Set Management


Posted by Jim Farrell

When we developed Question Set sharing in Questionmark Live browser-based authoring, we built it so the owner of the question set had absolute control over it. A guest accessing the question set could create and make edits to questions but could not share or download them. Since then we have had many, many customers ask for the ability to make someone a co-owner of a question set so that they could share in its management. Watch the following video to see how to manage sharing permissions in question sets in Questionmark Live.

2 Responses to Better Shared Question Set Management

  1. Terra says:

    With the new co-owner feature, are you limited to only one person in the organization sharing the ownership or can there be multiple co-owners? Thanks!

  2. Jim Farrell says:

    Hi Tara,
    Every member of your question set can have any feature…every member can be a co-owner, shared, read only….it is unlimited….
    Thank you for your question,
    Jim Farrell

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