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Item Development – Five Tips for Organizing Your Drafting Process

Posted by Austin Fossey Once you’ve trained your item writers, they are ready to begin drafting items. But how should you manage this step of the item development process? There is an enormous amount of literature about item design and item writing techniques—which we will not cover in this series—but as... Read More

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Writing Good Surveys, Part 2: Question Basics

Posted By Doug Peterson In the first installment in this series, I mentioned the ASTD book, Survey Basics, by Phillips, Phillips and Aaron. The fourth chapter, “Survey Questions,” is especially good, and it’s the basis for this installment. The first thing to consider when writing questions for your survey is... Read More

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Summer webinars — including tips on better test planning and delivery

Posted by Joan Phaup Students (and teachers) may be clicking their heels about summer vacation, but the joy of learning continues year-round for us! Helping our customers understand how to use assessments effectively is as important to us as providing good testing and assessment technologies -- we 're keeping our web seminars going... Read More

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Using the Demographic Report

The Demographic Report was recently added to Questionmark Analytics. Here are the basics: What it does: The demographic report breaks down results by demographic variables such as language,  course name, location, department, instructor, and job role or military rank. This report can recognize up to 10 demographic variables recorded by... Read More

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Using QR codes to direct smartphone users to assessments

QR or "Quick Response" codes offer an easy way to direct users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to your assessments -- and thereby to boost participation in surveys, course evaluations, knowledge checks, quizzes and other assessments.There are various ways to create QR codes for Questionmark assessments, but here are the basics:  Create your assessment... Read More

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Using the Assessment Completion Time Report

The Assessment Completion Time Report is one of three new reports in Questionmark Analytics. Here are the basics: What it does: The assessment completion time report graphically monitors how long, on average, it took each participant to complete an assessment in relation to  his or her overall score.  For example, someone... Read More

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Creating scenario-based assessments

Scenario-based assessments (like this one, for example) are a great way to test learners' understanding of a specific subject or gauge how someone would react in certain circumstances. You can create scenario-based assessments in Questionmark Perception version 5 by grouping a series of questions with a single stimulus such as a reading passage, case... Read More