Embed a quiz to engage learners?

Posted by John Kleeman

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am a big fan of embedding assessments within learning for more effectiveness and also of using SharePoint as a learning platform. But how useful are they in practice?

I was very excited to speak with a Questionmark user who both embeds assessments in learning and uses SharePoint!  Peter Jochumzen is project leader for a SharePoint-based learning platform at the University of Lund in Sweden. The University has 45,000 students and is the largest in Scandinavia. They embed Questionmark quizzes as web parts within SharePoint and use Questionmark assessments for course evaluations, knowledge check quizzes and to measure progress and achievement.

One tactic Peter’s team find useful is to embed a video at the top of the page and a quiz at the bottom You can see an example in the screenshot below.

Screenshot from University of Lund showing SharePoint and Questionmark Perception

I asked Peter if it was effective embedding assessments on the same page as learning material, and his comment was:

Yes. Extremely successful, especially for distance courses. Because it is so hard to convince the students that they need to start working on the course right away. The students tend to be myopic, and believe they are much cleverer than they are!

They tend to postpone opening the books and beginning their studies. So with integrating quizzes in the learning material, they are sort of forced to do that. We have deadlines for various quizzes that they have to do, so we basically make them start working on their course, earlier than they would have done otherwise. I think that is the single biggest benefit of using quizzes – to get students engaged in their studies more quickly.

You can see a fuller interview with Peter Jochumzen’s on his use of SharePoint and Questionmark together at sharepointlearn.com. Click here to learn more about embedded assessments.

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