Embedding Questionmark Assessments in MindTouch

Embed a Questionmark Perception survey or quiz inside MindTouch.

  • To see how this would look,¬†view a snapshot of an assessment embedded within MindTouch page.
  • Check out this how-to on our developer Web site.
  • MindTouch is an open source enterprise documentation platform used by enterprises or for enterprise collaboration and as a wiki platform.¬† It is also used for rapidly developing social business applications. To embed a Perception assessment within a MindTouch page you will need to embed your assessment in an IFrame using an html code.

One Response to Embedding Questionmark Assessments in MindTouch

  1. Great stuff!

    Using DekiScript, the MindTouch built-in scripting language, would allow a site admin to govern who can add tests (with more granularity) and would provide a much more robust mechanism for exposing Questionmark than an iFrame.

    MindTouch has 20+ Million users and this is a commonly requested capability. Does QuestionMark have a web API? With MindTouch one can create an extension very quickly that would expose an external web-service API potentially adding programmatic access to QM tests and data.

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