How it Works: Writing a Multiple Choice Question in Questionmark Live

jim_smallPosted by Jim Farrell

Questionmark Live
is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools used within the Perception community for authoring questions. This free tool, which is available to all of Questionmark’s software support plan customers, gives the power of question authoring to anyone with an Internet connection. Why is it so popular? Watch this video to see how easy it is for your subject matter experts to create new questions!

2 Responses to How it Works: Writing a Multiple Choice Question in Questionmark Live

  1. James says:

    In your Questionmark Live demo, doesn’t uploading a pic of the Eiffel tower violate best practice? I would upload an outline of France, or perhaps of Europe with France highlighted. A test-taker may not know the capitol of France while recognizing that the Eiffel tower is in Paris, based on his particular background schema (or the films he’s seen), thus making the question invalid. I’d take precaution with the images I utilize so as not to cue the test-taker with them.

  2. Jim Farrell says:

    You are exactly correct James. The image I added was not best practice for adding an image to a stimulus. Your example is far more appropriate for that question. I was definitely showing ease of use rather than good question writing techniques. I will take that into account in future videos I create. Thanks for your feedback.

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