Improved Shared Question Sets in Questionmark Live


Posted by Jim Farrell

One of goals of the Questionmark Live team is to constantly improve this browser-based authoring tool by releasing new functionality on a regular basis. In our latest release we have made it easier to quickly share a question set with a group of people, including those who are not yet members of the Questionmark Live community.

Watch the video below to see the improvements to shared question sets!


One Response to Improved Shared Question Sets in Questionmark Live

  1. Ralph Locklin says:

    Jim, My hat is off to you on the development of Live. In my opinion the features that you are adding to Live are going to be popular. I am aware of the ways to currently import questions into live, but my comment relates to importing a text or rtf file of questions into Live.

    I had sent an email to QM regarding the importing of a file of questions into Live. I am not sure if you’ve seen it. In a quick summary, I suggested that a file of questions would include a delimiter to start each question. I was suggesting “###”. I also suggested that at the end of the delimiter to have the question type, for example, ###MR.

    I also suggested a format for the knowledge matrix (case study) question type as well as the select a blank question.

    Here’s the question: Is there still interest in adding ways to create Knowledge Matrix and Select a Blank type questions into Live? Is there still interest in importing these question types along with the “standard set” (MC, MR, TF, YN, Survey)? Is there interest in creating drag and drop type questions in Live?

    I hereby volunteer to test anything you develop in the way of file import into Live.

    By the way I tried to download the Excel template from your web site without success. It started the download process but never actually started the download.

    Thanks and congratulations on your progress in developing Live.

    Ralph Locklin

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