Installing Perception in Amazon’s Cloud – Part 2

Posted bySteve Lay

In my last post, I introduced system administrators and developers to Amazon’s cloud-based computing service EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and showed how to launch a virtual machine suitable for installing Questionmark Perception.

In this part, I show you how to log in to your virtual machine for the first time and some basic settings required to get ready for the installation.  Next time I’ll talk about the installer pre-requisites.

2 Responses to Installing Perception in Amazon’s Cloud – Part 2

  1. Silvester Draaijer says:

    Dear Steve,

    A great set of demo video’s. I cannot wait for the other parts. Very instructive.

    Maybe you can elaborate a bit on the performance (concurrent users, instantaneous assessment retrieval calls) such a cloud solution could offer?

    Kind regards,

    Silvester Draaijer

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