New Features in Questionmark Live: viewing history, importing content


Posted by Jim Farrell

The Questionmark Live team has added dynamic new features to our browser based authoring tool. Questionmark Live now offers the capabilities of viewing a question’s full revision history, running a detailed comparison of two revisions, and rolling roll-back a question to a previous version.

The detailed comparison (displayed below), allows users to see all of the changes made to a question in a  familiar format.


This release also introduces importing other question types into Questionmark Live. You can now import questions from LXR* in the LXR Merge format and Blackboard* questions in the Blackboard Pool (.zip) and Blackboard Upload (.txt). Keep an eye out for the next release and the ability to import even more external content!

In the meantime, give Questionmark Live a try!

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2 Responses to New Features in Questionmark Live: viewing history, importing content

  1. Lex says:

    Hi Jim

    Glad to see the continued development of QM Live. I see you can now import BB questions – but don’t see yet how you can import QM (ie QPack questions) into the system.

    I thought this would have been a much more important development. Is this coming soon?


  2. Jim Farrell says:

    Thanks Lex! Yes importing QPacks into Questionmark Live will be a key development in the evolution of Questionmark Live. We will continue to improve import capabilities including QPacks which is on the near horizon.

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