Questionmark Live now includes the eQuation Formula Editor

Posted By Doug Peterson

Questionmark Live browser-based authoring now features the Questionmark eQuation Formula Editor! The eQuation Formula Editor makes it possible to insert a math formula in your question stimulus or choices. It’s very easy to do, and this video will show you how!

4 Responses to Questionmark Live now includes the eQuation Formula Editor

  1. Barbara Burnes says:

    Doug, I was trying incorporate πR^2
    into a question and it your equation drop down do not an R or a 2 in it. Would you be able to add symbol that used more often than the choices you give.

  2. Doug Peterson says:


    Use the Pi symbol, then type an “R” with your keyboard like usual, and finish up with the superscript symbol and type in your “2”. Please email me at if you have any follow-up questions. Pi Symbol

    Doug Peterson

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