Questionmark on the GSA Schedule

Posted by John Kleeman

I’m pleased to let you know that Questionmark Corporation was awarded last week a GSA Schedule Contract by the General Services Administration, part of the US Federal government.

Questionmark’s contract number is GS-35F-0380Y and the schedule covers Questionmark Perception software, and training, consultancy and support.

GSA schedules are open-ended contracts listing the prices the government has negotiated to pay for suppliers’ products and services. Vendors must undergo a robust review process in order to achieve a GSA listing; agencies procuring Questionmark software and services through the GSA schedule contract benefit from reduced acquisition timelines, pre-negotiated rates and terms, and a simplified alternative to traditional RFP and approval processes.

Being on the GSA Schedule will make it easier for US government agencies – federal, state and local – to purchase Questionmark Perception.

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