Podcast: Alignment, Impact and Measurement With the A-model

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The growing emphasis on  performance improvement — of which training is just a part — calls for new strategies for assessment and evaluation.

Bruce C. Aaron

Bruce C. Aaron

Measurement and evaluation specialist Dr. Bruce C. Aaron has devoted a lot of thought to this. His white paper, Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model, describes a framework for aligning assessment and evaluation with an organization’s goals, objectives and human performance issues.

For more information on the A-model, check out the video and free white paper: Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-Model.

Our podcast interview with Bruce about the A-model has been of great interest to learning and HR professionals. The interview explores how this framework addresses the changes that have taken place in recent years and the resulting complexities of today’s workplace.

A-model diagramHere are a few excerpts from the conversation. If you’d like to learn more, listen to the 10-minute podcast below.

“The things that I’ve observed have to do with our moving away from a training focus into a performance focus. So we don’t speak so much about training or even training and development anymore. We speak a lot more about performance improvement, or human performance, or learning and performance in the workplace. And those sorts of changes have had a great impact in how we do our business, how we design our solutions and how we go about assessing and evaluating them.

…the A-model evolved out of dealing with the need to evaluate all of this and still focus on what are we trying to accomplish: how do we go about parsing up the components of our evaluation and keeping those things logically organized in their relationship to each other?

…If we have a complex, blended solution, if we haven’t done a good job of really tying that to our objectives and to the original business issue that we’re trying to address…it becomes apparent through a focus on evaluation and assessment.”

Learning Café: Video to help you align learning solutions with strategic goals

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We’re thrilled to be continuously adding rich new material to our Learning Café.

“How-to” videos and brief presentations about best practices, will give you valuable pointers about authoring, delivery and integration.

For instance, here’s a video that will make your learning initiatives more relevant and effective. It describes the A-model, which provides a framework for progressing from analysis and design right through to measurement and evaluation — using solid, results-based guidance for developing effective learning programs that serve organizational goals.

Watch the video on Learning Café and download a white paper about the A-model

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve97AO2pipQ]

Need better assessments? Read our white papers

Posted by Joan Phaup

Assessments play a crucial role in learning, performance improvement and regulatory compliance — and Questionmark White Papers help you create better assessments, deliver them securely and get trustable results.

We invite you to download any of these papers with our compliments. Here are just five of the many available for you to choose from:

  • Assessments Through the Learning Process
    • This is a great place to start for people who are beginning to explore the possibility of using online assessments in education, training, certification or compliance. It explains how you can use assessments to improve learning and measurement, and it will point you to many additional resources.
  • The Role of Assessments in Mitigating Risk for Financial Services Organizations
    • Online assessments play a critical role in corporate compliance programs. This paper describes today’s regulatory landscape and explores the business benefits of using assessments for compliance. It also describes specific ways to use assessments within a compliance program, examines security and accessibility issues and offers role-specific best practice guidance for implementing legally defensible assessments.
  • Using Online Assessment for Compliance
    • This paper explains how assessments can help organizations document their effectiveness in delivering compliance training and – in addition – play a role in improving organizational performance. It describes the various ways in which organizations can use assessments to demonstrate that their employees understand regulatory standards.
  • Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model
    • The A-model framework helps individuals and organizations clarify the goals, objectives and human performance issues of their work and design systematic assessment systems to evaluate progress towards their goals. Learn the ideas behind the A-model and how to implement them.
  • Embedded Assessments: Building Knowledge Checks, Surveys and Other Assessments into Learning Materials
    • The ability to place assessments within many different contexts — embedding them in wikis, blogs and portals, for instance — changes their potential uses and brings them directly into the learning process. This paper value of embedded assessments to learners and instructors, shares examples of where such assessments can be used and explores how they might help shape the future of learning.


Top 5 Questionmark Presentations on SlideShare in 2012

Posted by Julie Delazyn

As we near the end of the year, we’d like to highlight some of the most popular presentations we’ve featured here on the blog in 2012.

We have been sharing many presentations with you on our Questionmark SlideShare page – a great way to pass along what, our partners and customers have been learning about effective assessment and measurement I read and answer comments all the time from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and, most recently, Google+ about the value of these presentations as well as the ways in which they are being shared and used.

The five most popular presentations on our SlideShare page… Drumroll, please…

5. Assessment translation, localisation and adaptation (Sue Orchard, Comms Multilingual)

4. Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model (Bruce C. Aaron, Ametrico)

3. Using a Blended Delivery Model to Drive Strategic Success for SAP Certification (Questionmark/SAP co-presentation)

2. Measuring Social Learning in SharePoint with Assessments (John Kleeman, Questionmark)

1. Assess to Comply: how else can you be sure that employees understand? (John Kleeman, Questionmark)

Feel free to comment, share and let us know in which ways these have helped you!

Stay tuned next week for our 5 most-viewed videos of 2012.

Actionable Data and the A-model: Video

Posted By Doug Peterson

The A-model is a powerful tool for defining and solving business problems. To properly measure and evaluate a solution, you need trusted and valid information. In this video, we’ll explore how Questionmark assessments and reports provide exactly that: trusted and valid information in the measurement and evaluation phase of this practical framework.

For more details, download this white paper: Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model.

Video: Applying the A-model to a business problem

Posted by Julie Delazyn

In a recent post on his own blog,  Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd offered some insights about the 70+20+10 learning model, in which social and informal learning play key roles in knowledge transfer and performance improvement.

The A-model, developed by Dr. Bruce C. Aaron, helps organizations make the most of all types of learning initiatives – both formal and informal — by providing an effective framework for defining a problem and its solution, implementing the solution, and tracking the results.

Eric’s post, A-model and Assessment: The 7-Minute Tutorial, notes the great feedback we have received in promoting awareness of the A-model and includes a brief video that walks viewers through a business problem  and explains how to approach it using the A-model.

You can check out this video – by Questionmark’s Doug Peterson – right here. If you’d like more details, you can download the white paper we collaborated on with Dr. Aaron: Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model.