Questionmark Achieves U.S. Government FedRAMP Authorization

Posted by John Kleeman

I’m pleased today to be able to share some exciting news.

For four years, we have been working hard to make our cloud assessment management software, Questionmark OnDemand, deployable in a way that meets the compliance and security standards of the U.S. Government and Military. As of today, we’re proud to announce that Questionmark has achieved FedRAMP (or Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) authorization.

From 2011, the U.S. Government has been pursuing a ‘Cloud First’ initiative, designed to move its agencies to cloud software wherever possible. This makes it easier for government employees to access material, maintain systems, and ensure regulatory compliance. As part of that initiative, Questionmark developed its OnDemand product to meet the exacting requirements of FedRAMP. You can see information on our authorization at

The authorization process measured Questionmark OnDemand against over 300 different security and compliance criteria and required a very intensive set of tests and audit to check that we are compliant and can remain compliant over time. FedRAMP status means that we can provide our cloud assessment software to the U.S. Government and Military.

It also provides comfort and benefits to all our customers, not just in government and not just in the United States. As a result of the FedRAMP project, our software is more reliable and has increased security controls and the ability to rapidly restore services in the event of a failure. All customers will also enjoy more formal change control procedures and better automated deployment of releases.

We are excited to help U.S. Government agencies unlock performance through our reliable and secure online assessments, and to extend these improvements to all our customers. The FedRAMP authorization demonstrates that Questionmark is a company that organizations can trust to build their assessment strategy in the long term.

It shows that we are comfortable understanding and operating within the most complex procedures. It shows that we can help all customers unlock their potential through fair, valid, reliable and defensible assessments, whether that’s to improve performance through more effective learning, or to ensure compliance. And it shows that we can deliver robust enterprise-grade services, now and in the future.

Back to The Big Easy in 2012!

Joan PhaupPosted by Joan Phaup

While our counterparts across the pond gear up for the Questionmark European Users Conference in Brussels this October, here in the U.S. we’re setting our sights on a European city closer to home: New Orleans! We had an amazing time during our conference there six years ago and have had many requests to return.

Please mark March 20 – 23, 2012, on your calendar and plan to join us for three  fast-paced, forward-looking and fun days of  learning and networking.

We’ll share more details soon on the US conference website. For the time being, we hope you will save these dates!

Shared Question Sets in Questionmark Live


Posted by Jim Farrell

I’m amazed to see how far we have come with Questionmark Live in such a short period of time. Now we are delivering the much-anticipated Shared Question Sets (cue trumpets).

Shared Question Sets means exactly what it says…it allows you to share your question sets with other Questionmark Live users. Combine this feature with versioning and you are getting close to the perfect question authoring workflow tool. Watch the video below to see Part 1 of the Shared Question Set video series: How to Start Sharing Question Sets with your Subject Matter Experts!