Questionmark App for the iPhone or iPod touch Available on iTunes

julie-smallPosted by Julie ChazyniTunes Questionmark Logo

We are happy to announce  the availability of a free Questionmark iPhone/ iPod touch app on iTunes that opens up new possibilities for delivering knowledge checks, quizzes  and surveys to a wide, mobile audience: a great way to engage learners on the go!

The auto-sensing and auto-sizing capabilities of Questionmark™ Perception™ version 5 makes this type of app possible by streamlining and simplifying the delivery of surveys, quizzes and tests to multiple devices, in multiple contexts.

Screenshot of Questionmark app on iTunesTry out the Questionmark iPhone/iPod touch app to take some Questionmark Perception assessments on your iPhone or iPod touch. Test your knowledge of world facts and geography with our “Round the World” or “State Capitals” quizzes or try your hand at several other topics. Imagine how this new delivery option could help your organization, and let us know what you think! (You will need to have iTunes installed on your computer and download the app from the Apple app store.)

Users of Questionmark Perception version 5 can have their own personalized apps so that their employees and/or students can access assessments, quizzes or surveys on the go.
For more information on how to get your personalized app, contact

Breakfast Briefings Coming to Three UK Cities in May


Posted By Sarah Elkins

Registration for our U.K. Breakfast Briefings is now open! They will take place on three days in three cities: May 11 in Manchester, May 12 in Edinburgh and May 13 in London.

Breakfast Briefings are a great way to learn about online assessment technology and find out about the newest technologies and services  from Questionmark. They’re also a great opportunity to meet other assessment professionals in your area and talk with Questionmark staff.

This year we’ll be sharing the latest from Questionmark, including:

  • How to create learning mashups by embedding quizzes in wikis and portals
  • Using auto-sensing and auto-sizing to deliver assessments to mobile devices
  • Creating items with Questionmark Live
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Plus much more!

If you’re new to online assessment this is a great opportunity to see the technology in action, and talk with Questionmark staff about the best solution for your organisation. If you’re already a Questionmark customer come along to join us for breakfast and see recently released features and those that are coming soon! Click here to sign up for Manchester, London or Edinburgh.

Explaining Auto-Sensing and Auto-Sizing of Assessments


Posted by Jim Farrell

One of my favorite new features in Questionmark Perception is Auto-Sensing and Auto-Sizing. This sounds important, but what does it mean?

When delivering an assessment, Perception version 5 auto-senses the participant’s device and browser, then delivers the assessment formatted appropriately for the device/browser’s requirements. Perception’s new “on the fly” auto-sizing dynamically adjusts and sizes the “screen furniture” and “skin” of an assessment – the buttons, controls and template graphics — so they fit (and look great) on just about any screen size or resolution imaginable.


Why is this important? In short, these new features take the guesswork out of blended delivery and enable you to author an assessment once, schedule it once and then deliver it in as many different ways as you like. I’ve put together a short video explaining how this works.

Want to experience some the new participant experience improvements?  Go here – either from your desktop, laptop or smartphone!

Learn more about Perception version 5 at the Questionmark Users Conference March 14 – 17.