Delivering certifications via the cloud increases candidates’ opportunities

Posted by Joan Phaup

The Medical Group Management Assocation (MGMA) and its standard-setting and certification body, the the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE),  have long sought effective ways to enhance the knowledge and skills of administrators, CEOs, physicians in management, board members, office managers and many other management professionals.

Their work in promoting the personal and professional growth of people involved in managing medical practices requires the ability to provide certification tests to a widely dispersed audience.

A switch nearly 10 years ago from paper-based to computerized testing made it possible to offer more certification  tests to more people in more locations. This move  reduced travel costs for candidates and offered them more flexibility as to when and where to take tests.

Still, an internal exam delivery network required a lot of attention, and some candidates still had to travel long distances to take quarterly exams at just 30 testing sites,. A more recent switch to secure, cloud-based delivery, using Questionmark OnDemand Services, has made ACMPE exams available at more than 230 sites, with six exam dates per quarter.

The move has also given ACMPE staff more time to focus on their own specialized tasks by delegating hardware maintenance, software upgrades  secure test delivery and many other tasks. You can get more details about this by reading our case study about MGMA.

Providing user assistance by role

john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

Questionmark provides a wealth of documentation and assistance resources for our users. For version 5 of Questionmark Perception, there are more than 30 manuals and more than 400 detailed, knowledge base articles on our technical support site. We also have a developer support site, a learning cafe, best practice guides and more, including this blog and our Community Spaces social networking site, which includes interactive forums and other resources for our software support plan customers.

Customers can find documentation by using search and drill down, but in order to make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for, we’re introducing a roles based look-up system for our user assistance resources.This is now available to Questionmark software support plan (SSP) customers.

Obviously, work roles vary in different organizations but we’ve identified three main sectors for our customers: Corporate / Government, Academic and Awarding bodies. We have also defined 15 or so roles in each of these sectors. For each of these roles, we have a landing page that gives helpful resources for each role. And we will be extending this to allow searching and knowledge checks by role over time.

Here are the roles we’ve defined. (You’ll need SSP registration in Questionmark Community Spaces to view these pages.)

As always, we’d welcome feedback on whether these roles make sense for you. Please let us know whether the role pages are helpful and/or how we could improve them.

Helping test publishers profit from their quizzes and tests

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Our release today of  “Technologies for Selling Tests” gives professional associations, textbook companies, awarding bodies and other test publishers a way to streamline individual and bulk sales of their online quizzes and tests.

This new web-based service is available to users of our hosted and subscription solutions. If you are a test publisher and want to sell your tests to large institutions or make quizzes, diagnostic assessments and other study aids available on a charge-per-use basis, “Technologies for Selling Your Tests” could be the right solution for you. You can use it for consumer purchases via e-commerce or bulk purchase by large institutions.

This solution offers way to improve the return on a test publisher’s investment in creating  and maintaining valid and reliable assessments. It’s all based on Questionmark Perception’s out-of-the-box functionality, and it’s available for you to try out any time you like.