Podcast: Using Questionmark Live for Item Writing Workshops

Posted by Joan Phaup

The School of Justice at Miami Dade College in Florida plays an important role in helping people prepare for careers in public safety. Not only does the school offer degree programs, it is also home to the state’s basic abilities testing program for prospective police, correctional and probation officers.

The Florida Basic Abilities Test (F-BAT), which measures basic abilities of recruits planning to enter training programs, needs to be kept current and relevant. The College reviews the test annually and freshens the questions, drawing on the expertise of subject matter experts (SMEs) from all over the state.

The introduction  this year of Questionmark Live has given the college a new, more efficient  way of working with SMEs: During a recently item writing workshop held at the College, SMEs were given a quick tutorial on the use of Questionmark Live and were soon creating questions using its simple browser-based authoring tools. Their efforts were so successful  that the college plans to run future workshops at a distance, doing away with the need for SMEs to meet together in order to help create test content.

You can learn more about the college’s role here and find out more about the item writing sessions by listening to the following podcast with Lebsica Gonzalez, F-BAT project manager at Miami Dade College.

Questionmark Live: 25,000 Questions Later


Posted by Jim Farrell

Just over six months ago we announced Questionmark Live at the Questionmark Users Conference in Memphis.Since then, there have been 25,000 questions created using this new browser-based tool.  That sounds great, doesn’t it! But I was surprised to meet a number of customers at our Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings who had not yet seen this easy way to author questions. So I’d like to turn back the clock and re-announce the availability of Questionmark Live, which  all of our Software Support Plan customers can use free of charge.

Anyone you want questions from can have unlimited access to this tool. There’s nothing to download. They can just start creating questions sets on a desired theme  or topic, using seven different question formats. The questions can utilize multimedia, links and choice-based feedback.

Do you utilize workflows that involve SMEs, instructional designers and editors? Questionmark Live offers a great way to help people work together. Users can share their question sets with each other for true collaboration. Every question created and edited has a full revision history that can be used to compare revisions and roll back to previous versions.

If you haven’t taken a look at this exciting and dynamic tool, just click here to get started. If you would like a demonstration, please email customercare@questionmark.com to set one up!


New Features in Questionmark Live: viewing history, importing content


Posted by Jim Farrell

The Questionmark Live team has added dynamic new features to our browser based authoring tool. Questionmark Live now offers the capabilities of viewing a question’s full revision history, running a detailed comparison of two revisions, and rolling roll-back a question to a previous version.

The detailed comparison (displayed below), allows users to see all of the changes made to a question in a  familiar format.


This release also introduces importing other question types into Questionmark Live. You can now import questions from LXR* in the LXR Merge format and Blackboard* questions in the Blackboard Pool (.zip) and Blackboard Upload (.txt). Keep an eye out for the next release and the ability to import even more external content!

In the meantime, give Questionmark Live a try!

*Please note: All names, product names, and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

How it Works: Adding Multimedia to a Question in Questionmark Live


Posted by Jim Farrell

Earlier this month, the number of questions in Questionmark Live passed 14,000. That is an amazing statistic for 3 months. We continue to add new features to this powerful, browser based authoring tool including the ability to add multimedia files to questions. Multimedia allows our users to create real-world scenarios that may include listening to a customer’s voice, watching a delicate surgical procedure, or fixing a complex piece of machinery via an interactive Flash video. Watch this video to see how easy it is to add audio or video to your questions.