Podcast: Alignment, Impact and Measurement With the A-model

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The growing emphasis on  performance improvement — of which training is just a part — calls for new strategies for assessment and evaluation.

Bruce C. Aaron

Bruce C. Aaron

Measurement and evaluation specialist Dr. Bruce C. Aaron has devoted a lot of thought to this. His white paper, Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model, describes a framework for aligning assessment and evaluation with an organization’s goals, objectives and human performance issues.

For more information on the A-model, check out the video and free white paper: Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-Model.

Our podcast interview with Bruce about the A-model has been of great interest to learning and HR professionals. The interview explores how this framework addresses the changes that have taken place in recent years and the resulting complexities of today’s workplace.

A-model diagramHere are a few excerpts from the conversation. If you’d like to learn more, listen to the 10-minute podcast below.

“The things that I’ve observed have to do with our moving away from a training focus into a performance focus. So we don’t speak so much about training or even training and development anymore. We speak a lot more about performance improvement, or human performance, or learning and performance in the workplace. And those sorts of changes have had a great impact in how we do our business, how we design our solutions and how we go about assessing and evaluating them.

…the A-model evolved out of dealing with the need to evaluate all of this and still focus on what are we trying to accomplish: how do we go about parsing up the components of our evaluation and keeping those things logically organized in their relationship to each other?

…If we have a complex, blended solution, if we haven’t done a good job of really tying that to our objectives and to the original business issue that we’re trying to address…it becomes apparent through a focus on evaluation and assessment.”

Alignment, impact and measurement with the A-model

Posted by Julie Delazyn

It’s essential for learning and other important change initiatives – including assessment and evaluation — to align with an organization’s strategic goals. So it’s important for organizations and individuals to clarify the goals, objectives and human performance issues of their work and design systematic assessment programs to evaluate progress.

The A-model, developed by Dr. Bruce C. Aaron, offers a framework for helping organizations  focus on their goals, promote continuous learning and adjust performance as needed. This framework, or map, helps hold the many elements of human performance in place — right from the original business problem or business issue up through program design and evaluation.

We have many resources for helping you understand the A-model and apply it to the specific needs of your organization:

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