Back from Brussels: Remembering a great conference

Posted by Jane Townsend

Returning  from European Users Conference in Brussels, I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone by since we arrived there a few days ago.

This being my first conference, I found it really insightful and would like to thank our many guest speakers for sharing their knowledge and time. Without them there would be no conference.  I’d also like to say a big thank you to all the Questionmark staff who were so supportive throughout…Great Job!

We covered so many topics during our two days together— everything from news about Questionmark Analytics and Mobile Apps to a fascinating general session on ways to balance flexibility, participant experience, logistics and security when considering test authoring and delivery options. Getting together with customers gave us the opportunity to take stock of the innovative technologies and techniques that are changing the world of learning and assessment. 

The closing session went down well with staff and clients alike, emphasizing constant improvements to our technologies and services.

Our conferences are never complete without some fun, and we had plenty during our  “Speak Easy” event,  where fortunes were won and lost in seconds. Who will forget being  enveloped by a very large snake or losing ties, wrist watches and even their minds to a skillful pickpocket?  For more photos from the conference, check out our flickr page.

European Conference Update: focus on best practices

Posted by Jane Townsend

With the Questionmark European Users Conference just a few months off, now’s a good time to look at some of the presentations we have lined up.

Here, for instance, here are just three of the breakout sessions that will focus on best practices:

  • Using the Latest Learning Research to Improve Your Questionmark Assessments — Find out how questions can directly help learning, and how to apply the findings of recent research to your use of assessments.
  • Using Web Services to Integrate with Questionmark Perception – Get an overview of integration methods and a deep dive into some powerful options for connecting to and building upon Questionmark Perception using Web Services — complete with examples of real-world applications.
  • Using Questionmark Perception to Make SharePoint an Effective Learning Platform – Learn to use Questionmark Perception inside SharePoint right out of the box to measure and reinforce learning. It’s easier than you may think: no programming experience required!

Click here for details about these and many other sessions, which will include product training, case studies and drop-ins with Questionmark technicians.

The conference also offers excellent opportunities to meet with Questionmark product managers and to network with your learning and assessment colleagues.

It’s a great learning opportunity, so register soon to join us in Brussels from 9 – 11 October.

Customers Driving the 2011 European Users Conference Agenda

Mel Lynch headshotPosted by Mel Lynch

We recently surveyed customers in the UK and Europe and asked what they felt would be the most valuable aspect of attending the 2011 Questionmark European Users Conference. And it seems there are a few stand-out points they are looking forward to. Primarily, the opportunity to ‘Learn from Questionmark Technicians and Staff’, ‘Learning from other Questionmark Users’ and ‘Networking with other Questionmark Users’ are of great importance.

These results have of course been our guide in establishing the agenda for the conference, to be held in Brussels on October 9th – 11th, and we are pleased to announce that the agenda is really starting to take shape.

This year the schedule is set to include almost two full streams of customer case studies, as well as a host of networking opportunities. Visit the conference schedule to see the working agenda – and watch this space as we regularly confirm more and more items.

For those of you who are interested in attending – don’t forget that the early-bird discount expires on the 30th of June – so be sure to register soon.

Announcing this year’s Questionmark European Users Conference

Mel Lynch headshotPosted by Mel Lynch

We are very pleased to announce that the Questionmark European Users Conference will this year take place in Brussels, Belgium on the 9-11th of October.

Last year’s conference, held in Amsterdam, was the largest European Users Conference ever, with a jam-packed agenda and fantastic networking experiences (including a private party at the Heineken Brewery!). So this year we will be working extra hard to make sure that 2011 is even better!

And we think Belgium is just the location to help make this happen: As the undisputed home of quality chocolate, pommes frites  and waffles — and with direct transport links to the UK and rest of Europe — we are positive that Brussels will play host to yet another amazing conference.

Early-bird registration is now available until the 30th of June, so be sure to register soon and take advantage of the discount.