Early-birds: Check out the conference program and register by tomorrow

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You can still get a $100 early-bird registration discount for the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference if you register by tomorrow (Thursday, January 30th).

The program for March 4 – 7 includes a keynote by Learning Strategist Bryan Chapman on the power of open data, which will be a hot topic throughout this gathering at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.

You can click here for program details, but here’s the line-up:

Optional Pre-Conference Workshopsbreakout 2013

  • ​Questionmark Boot Camp: Basic Training for Beginners  ​(full day)
  • ​Test Development Fundamentals  (half day)
  • ​The Art & Craft of Item Writing   ​(half day)

Case Studies

  • Using Questionmark to Conduct Performance Based Certifications —  SpaceTEC®
  • Better Outcomes Make the Outcome Better! — US Marine Corps University
  • ​Generating and Sending Custom Completion Certificates —  The Aurelius Group
  • ​Leveraging Questionmark’s Survey Capabilities with a Multi-system Model – Verizon
  • ​Importing Questions into Questionmark Live on a Tri-Military Service Training Campus Medical Education & Training Campus
  • How Can a Randomly Designed Test be Fair to All? US Coast Guard Training Center

Best Practices doug teaching 2013

  • ​Principles of Psychometrics and Measurement Design
  • 7 Reasons to Use Online Assessments for Compliance
  • ​Reporting and Analytics: Understanding Assessment Results
  • ​Making it Real: Building Simulations Into Your Quizzes and Tests
  • ​Practical Lessons from Psychology Research to Improve Your Assessments
  • Item Writing Techniques for Surveys, Quizzes and Tests

Questionmark Features & Functions

  • Introduction to Questionmark for Beginners
  • BYOL: Item and Topic Authoring
  • BYOL: Collaborative Assessment Authoring
  • Integrating with Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform
  • Using Questionmark’s OData API for Analytics (BYOL)
  • Successfully Deploying Questionmark Perception
  • Customizing the Participant Interface


  • Testing What We Teach: How can we elevate our effectiveness without additional time or resources?
  • Testing is Changing: Practical and Secure Assessment in the 21st Century

Future Solutions Focus Groups

  • Open Assessment Platform and Analytics
  • Authoring and Delivery

Special Interest Group Meetings

  • Military/Defense US DOD and Homeland Security
  • Utilities/Energy Generation and Distribution
  • Higher Education
  • Universities

Drop-in Demos of new Questionmark features and capabilities

Tech Central: Drop-in meetings with Questionmark technicians


Register for the conference by tomorrow, Thursday, January 31st, to get the early-bird discount.



Join the march — to March 2014!

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In early fall, we step back and marvel at how quickly the year has gone by and acknowledge the fact that it will soon be over.river walk

This means, of course, that although the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference is just over five months away, time will fly before we meet March 4 – 7  in San Antonio, Texas. And that, in turn, means that now is the time to get ready for this essential learning event.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Get with the program: We have begun building the conference agenda and will be adding to it in the coming weeks. Boookmark the schedule-at-a-glance and keep an eye out for new developments. Please note: If you are new to Questionmark, plan to attend the full-day Boot Camp for Beginners workshop. Bring your own laptop and get some basic training before the conference starts.

Get on the program: They said that when you give to something you get more out of it — and that’s true of customers who participate in the conference as case study presenters and peer discussion leaders. They make loads of connections with their peers and Questionmark staff. They also receive some red carpet treatment, including a special dinner in their honor — and we award a 50% registration discount per case study. So think about what you’d like to contribute in 2014. We’re eager to hear from you. See the call for proposals for details.HildersonPhoto_DSC3383

Plan ahead: Plan your budget now and consider your conference ROI. The time and effort you save by learning effective ways to run your assessment program will more than pay for your conference participation. Check out the reasons to attend and the conference ROI toolkit here.

Sign up soon for early-bird savings: You will save $200 by registering on our before December 12 — and your organization will save by taking advantage of group registration discounts. Get all the details and register soon.

See you in San Antonio!

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Users conference program taking shape: early-bird sign-ups end next week

Posted by Joan Phaup

Early-bird registration for the Questionmark 2013 Users Conference ends next Friday — so now is a great time to check out the conference agenda and sign up.

We’re still building the program, which is already set to cover a wide variety of topics. The keynote address by Charles Jennings will  explore the 70:20:10 learning framework and offer tips for effectively measuring informal and workplace learning.

Here are some of  the breakout sessions we’ve scheduled to date:

  • Assesment Feedback: What can we learn from psychology research?
  • Writing Effective Assessments for Performance-based Training
  • Secure Testing in Remote Environments
  • Deploying Questionmark Perception 5.4
  • Strategies for Overcoming Reporting Challenges
  • Saving  Your Organization Time and Money with Diagnostic Testing

We’re also pleased to offer two optional pre-conference workshops:

The $200 early-bird discount ends next Friday, November 16, so explore the conference agenda and register soon. Get some good advice from attendees at this year’s conference here:

Podcast: Charles Jennings on measuring informal and workplace learning

Posted by Joan Phaup

I’m eagerly looking forward to the keynote presentation Charles Jennings will deliver at the Questionmark 2013 Users Conference  on The Challenge of Measuring Informal and Workplace Learning.

Charles Jennings

Charles is one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners in learning and development — currently head of Duntroon Associates and previously Chief Learning Officer for Reuters and Thomson Reuters.He will be talking at the conference about how the 70:20:10 learning framework — based on studies that show high performers learn approximately 70% from experience, 20% from others and 10% from formal study – is being adopted by many organizations around the world.

The keynote will address how this framework serves as a strategy for extending development beyond formal, structured learning to include informal and experiential learning opportunities.

I spoke with Charles recently and asked him for some details about his presentation. For example:

  • How would you describe the 70:20:10 framework?
  • What are the key challenges of measurement and evaluation within that framework?
  • How will your conference presentation address those kinds of challenge?
  • What advice would you give to organizations that want to use online assessments to measure the effectiveness of informal and experiential learning?

If you’d like to find out how he answered, listen to this podcast or read the transcript. There will be much, much more, of course, in his keynote address and in the conference program, which we are busy planning right now.

Early-bird registration savings are available through November 16 — so keep an eye on the conference website and be sure to register soon! We’ll look forward to seeing you in Baltimore, Maryland, March  3 – 6 at this terrific learning and networking event.



Conference agenda nearly full as early-bird registration nears end (Friday!)

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As we zero in on the first early-bird registration deadline for the Questionmark 2012 Users Conference this Friday, I’m pleased to report that the agenda is nearly full.

The line-up may change somewhat between now and March 20 – 23, when we convene at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans, but here’s an outline of what’s in store.

Before the conference gets rolling, there are two optional full-day workshops to choose from on Tuesday, March 20:

During her presentation, Look Before You Leap: What You Measure is What You Get. our keynote speaker, Dr. Jane Bozarth, will include tips on planning assessments with clear objectives and outcomes.

Here’s the current list of breakouts, which you explore in detail within the conference agenda:

Questionmark Features & Functions

  • Introduction to Questionmark Perception for Beginners
  • Answers to Windows Authoring FAQs
  • Using Questionmark Live for Surveys and Course Evaluations
  • Reporting and Analytics: Understanding and sharing assessment results
  • Deploying Questionmark Perception 5.4
  • Questionmark Live Bring-your-own-laptop Tutorial
  • Customizing the Participant Interface

Case Studies

  • An Architect’s Approach to Questionmark Assessment Development: How to Architect, Design and Implement an Efficient Assessment-Building Process
  • How e-Testing is Improving Assessment for the U.S. Coast Guard
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) Question Type
  • Analysis of Examination Time Data at the Question- and Person-Specific Level with Perception
  • The Big Switch: Moving Training and Assessment to Mobile Devices
  • Using Questionmark to Answer Business Questions Related to Your Work Processes
  • Installation and Deployment of Perception over the U.S. Navy’s Internet

Best Practices

  • Applying the Principles of Item and Test Analysis to Your Assessment Program
  • Timing is Everything : Using psychology research to make your assessments more effective
  • Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model
  • Instructional Design for the Real World
  • Using Captivate and Flash Simulations in eLearning and Assessments
  • Using Web Services to Integrate with Questionmark Perception


  • Proctored versus non-proctored: How does assessment setting affect student achievement on web-based assessments?
  • Managing Assessment Security as the Stakes are Getting Higher Test Defensibility
  • Using the Angoff Method to Set Cut Scores

Drop-in Demos

  • Delivering Assessments to Mobile Devices
  • What’s New in Perception 5.3 and 5.4?

Register for the conference by December 9th to save $200!

Questions? Email conference@questionmark.com. We’re happy to help!

Questionmark Users Conference

Today’s the day for early-bird Questionmark Users Conference registration

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

As we build the program for the Questionmark 2011 Users Conference in Los Angeles, we are also building a list of eager participants. Those who have signed up so far have saved $200 on registration. You can, too, if you register today — our first early-bird registration deadline!

Here are just a few reasons to attend this conference, to be held March 15 – 18 at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel downtown:

  • Maximize the value of your investment in assessment technologies and services
  • Smooth your transition to Questionmark Perception version 5
  • Attend training sessions that will improve your effectiveness in using Questionmark
  • See the product roadmap and influence future developments
  • Network with other Questionmark users and hear their case studies
  • Drop in on the Questionmark Techs and get your questions answered

Here’s what participants in the 2010 Users Conference have to say about it. Heed their advice and sign up today!