How much do you know about assessment? Quiz 6: Evaluating questions

Posted by John Kleeman

Here is the 6th of our series of quizzes on assessment subjects, authored in conjunction with Neil Bachelor of Pure Questions. This week’s quiz is on evaluating questions during a test trial.

Here are links to earlier quizzes in the series:

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Quiz 2 – Validity & Defensibility
Quiz 3 – Use of formative quizzes
Quiz 4 – Trialling Questions
Quiz 5 – Designing Assessments

We regard resources like this quiz as a way of contributing to the ongoing process of learning about assessment. In that spirit, please enjoy the quiz below and feel free to comment if you have any suggestions to improve the questions:

Including a Questionmark Knowledge Check within SharePoint is easier than you think

Posted by John Kleeman

Many Questionmark customers use SharePoint within their organization. Microsoft SharePoint is a fantastic tool that lets non-technical people create collaborative web sites, and SharePoint is a great system to deploy assessments in for learning, training and compliance.

One of the easiest ways to include an assessment inside SharePoint is as a knowledge check – you can easily put a Questionmark Perception assessment beside some learning content as in the screenshot.

embed assessment sharepoint 2010

Putting a knowledge check in a SharePoint page gives three benefits

  • The learner can check he/she understands
  • The learner gets retrieval practice to reinforce the learning
  • As author, you can run reports to see which parts of the learning are understood or missed

In order to help people get the benefits of using assessments inside SharePoint, Questionmark have launched a new blog which focuses on SharePoint and assessment. This will allow us to run more detailed articles on SharePoint and assessments than the main blog can.

SharePoint is a lot easier to use than many people think. You don’t need administrative rights or programming skills to do most things. At the Questionmark Users Conference last week, I ran a session where people added an assessment in a sandbox site in just a few minutes. You can include an assessment inside SharePoint using the Page Viewer Web Part, which most people who can edit SharePoint pages have access to – if you want to give it a go, here are some instructions from the new blog.

Embedding Assessments in Dokuwiki

Embed a Questionmark Perception assessment, survey or quiz within a DokuWiki page.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within an IFrame using Dokuwiki.
  • Check out this how-to on our developer web site.
  • Dokuwiki a standards-compliant, simple-to-use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. All data is stored in plain text files; no database is required.  Dokuwiki has a plug-in that allows you to add IFrames to Wiki pages automatically, making it easy and convenient to embed a test, quiz or survey.

Embedding Assessments in Microsoft Word

Embed a Questionmark Perception assessment, survey or quiz within Microsoft Word.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within Microsoft Word.
  • Check out this How-to on our developer Web site.
  • You can embed an assessment in Microsoft Word using the Visual Basic for Applications Web Browser control. It is important to note that embedding an assessment uses certain VBA controls. You will need to ensure that Macros are enabled when viewing the document with the embedded quiz.

Embedding Questionmark Assessments in Google Wave

Screenshot of an embedded assessment in Google WaveEmbed a Questionmark Perception assessment, survey or quiz inside your Google Wave profile.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded into Google Wave.
  • Check out this How-to on our developer Web site.
  • Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration.  Embedding an assessment into Google Wave may be useful if you want to ask the members of your Wave to complete a quiz or  simply fill in a survey. The results can then be analyzed and reported on from Perception.