Trying out the new equation editor

Posted by Steve Lay

Readers of this blog will have noticed Doug’s announcement that Questionmark Live now has an equation editor. This is a subject dear to my heart, not only did I study Maths at university (or Math as readers in the US might say) but I also went on to work in a number of maths-related projects.

One such project was called Pass Maths, an internet magazine aimed at encouraging people to study maths at higher education level. The magazine was created at the University of Cambridge by Dr Robert Harding and me with some funding from BT, a UK-based telecoms provider. I left the project in 1999 but the magazine has gone from strength to strength and is now published under the name Plus Magazine.

So when Doug Peterson told me that the eQuation Formula Editor had been released I had to try it out.

This question is not actually as hard as it looks, but if you need to revise your continued fractions you could try reading this excellent Plus Magazine article by the Mathematics professor and popular author John D. Barrow, Chaos in Numberland: the secret life of continued fractions.

Test your Valentine’s Day knowledge

julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we wanted to test your knowledge on this holiday with a short trivia quiz.  It took me less time to write the questions using Questionmark Live than it did to do my research. We hope this fun quiz will teach you something new about this holiday. Enjoy your day!

Embedding Assessments in Microsoft Word

Embed a Questionmark Perception assessment, survey or quiz within Microsoft Word.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within Microsoft Word.
  • Check out this How-to on our developer Web site.
  • You can embed an assessment in Microsoft Word using the Visual Basic for Applications Web Browser control. It is important to note that embedding an assessment uses certain VBA controls. You will need to ensure that Macros are enabled when viewing the document with the embedded quiz.