European Conference Close Up: What sessions interest you most?

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

With so many great sessions planned for the Questionmark 2013 European Users Conference in Barcelona November 10 – 12, now is the perfect time to check out the conference agenda and sign up.

The program is set to cover a wide array of topics and I thought I’d summarise one from each of the conference tracks.

Features & Functions: Customising the Participant InterfaceEUCOnf1

Knowing how to add your logo to participant login screens and assessments and customising the styles and behaviours used in assessment templates are just some of the  exciting things you get to learn in this session. For many, ensuring that the participant interface conforms to organisational style guidelines is very important. So if you want to learn about techniques and best practices for customising the interface templates, I’d definitely recommend this session!

Case Study: Using a Blended Test Delivery Model to Drive Strategic Success for SAP Certification

“Author once, deliver anywhere.” This is a major strategic initiative of SAP. And in a genuinely global company, certification needs to be done for people in a variety of geographies and languages. In this session you’ll hear about experiences of delivering the same exams through various delivery channels globally.euconf2

Best Practice: Assessment Feedback – What Can We Learn From Psychology Research?

Retaining knowledge and applying what you learn is something that applies to every individual no matter the industry. We all forget a surprising amount of what we learn, but quizzes and tests can force you into practicing retrieving, making it more likely for things to stick in your mind. John Kleeman, Questionmark’s founder and chairman, will lead this fascinating best practice session providing actionable ideas you can apply to your Questionmark assessments to improve retention.

Bonus Sessions & Demos: Tips for Delivering Your Assessments to Mobile Deviceseuconf3

With an ever-growing mobile world, we’re seeing more and more people using mobile devices for assessment, and exploring the potential of tablets for “mobile test centres”. This means the ability to reach millions of people anytime, anywhere. It is changing the way we test by making it possible to gather information and get results on the spot. This presentation will showcase Inlea’s recent use of mobile assessments and the benefits it has brought to their organisation, as well as providing useful pointers on designing tests for small screens.

I look forward to meeting you next month in Barcelona.

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Managing a complex testing environment with a QMWise-based dashboard

 Chloe Mendonca Posted by Chloe Mendonca

Earlier this week I spoke with Gerard Folkerts of Wageningen University who will be delivering a presentation at the upcoming Questionmark 2013 European Users Conference in Barcelona  November 10 – 12.Wageningen UR logo

In their case study presentation, Gerard and his co-presenter, Gerrit Heida, will share their experience using the QMWISe API to create a dashboard for their  Questionmark Perception installation.

Could you tell me about Wageningen University and how you use Questionmark assessments?

Wageningen University is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the themes of ‘healthy food and the living environment’ — and for the eighth year in a row we’ve been awarded the title of “Best University in the Netherlands”.

We use Questionmark for summative and formative assessments. We do about 10 to 20 summative assessments each period with up to 500 participants simultaneously. Besides the summative assessments there are also formative assessments available to students. Besides the web based assessments we also have a setup for running tests in a secure environment which require the use of Microsoft Office, SAS or SPSS etc.

Could you tell me a little more about this secure setup?

eu confThe secure test environment turns a regular PC room into a test center. Each computer inside the room is closed from communication with the outside world. With our i- house developed tools we are able to deliver the necessary documents for the assessment to each participant. Such an assessment could be writing a report based on data analysis within SPSS. At the end of the assessment all the work of the participants is stored in a central location.

How do you effectively manage numerous participants taking simultaneous tests?

First of all we have set up a number of procedures to ensure a stabile testing environment. For this we have separated the environments needed for question development and formative and summative testing. Multiple administrators are working in the same environment and could schedule assessments to start simultaneously. With Questionmark Web Integration Services environment (QMWISe,) we created a dashboard to get a real-time view of the amount of assessments scheduled and the number of participants that are enrolled into the assessments.

How has this helped to control your environment?

Using the standard QMWise API makes it possible to build a dashboard which will show this data, and with the information already there, it is easy to do a basic health check on the assessments. For technical support it is essential to predict how much load can be expected on your QMP farm, so the dashboard has helped us to get our QMP environment in control

How do you hope that your session will benefit others?

I hope that my session will give some insight in the possibilities of QMWise. Once you understand how it works it is not that hard to add custom modules to the Questionmark Perception environment. I think the API is undervalued.

What are you looking forward to most about the Users Conference?

Meeting with other Questionmark users and learning about the roadmap of Questionmark Perception.  And of course a visit to Barcelona…

Check out the conference program and click here to register. We hope to see you there!

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European Users Conference agenda and early-bird savings

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

If you haven’t registered for the Questionmark 2013 European Users Conference, make sure you do so this month. Early-bird registration ends on September 30.  All it takes is a few clicks to set you on your way to some fantastic learning sessions, one-to-one meetings and networking in Barcelona November 10-12.

The program will cover an array of topics. Here are some of the breakout sessions we’ve scheduled to date:

g1Best Practice

  • ​Seven Reasons to Use Online Assessments for Regulatory Compliance
  • Assessment Feedback – What Can We Learn from Psychology Research?
  • Reporting and Analytics: Understanding Assessment Results



Case Studies

  • Advanced Item Banking and Psychometric Analyses with Randomly Generated Assessments – ECABO
  • Get your Questionmark environment back in control with a QMWise based dashboard – Wageningen University
  • Questionmark Data Analysis for High Stakes Assessments – HBO Raad
  • Expanding and Testing Knowledge with Computer Assisted Learning – CFL (National Railway Company of Luxembourg)
  • Collaboration Facilities for Question Development Using QMlive​ – As-a-queue

g2Features and Functions

  • Introduction to Questionmark for Beginners
  • Assessment Authoring Part One: Creating Items and Topics,
  • Assessment Authoring Part Two: Assessments and Qpacks
  • Reporting and Analytics: Understanding Assessment Results
  • Integrating with Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform
  • Customising the Participant Interface ​ ​
  • Deploying Questionmark Perception On Premise

g3Drop in Discussions and Demos

  • Drop-in Demo Session: Latest Questionmark Features
  • Tips for Delivering your Assessments to Mobile Devices

More Sessions will be added soon!

Conference participation is a valuable investment. Visit our cost justification page and download the ROI Toolkit to see why this is an essential experience for you and your organisation.

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Prevent Cheating with Randomised Assessments

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

It’s always interesting to talk with customers and discover how they use assessments to meet their business needs. My recent conversation with Onno Tomson, – Senior Advisor at ECABO (soon to be known as eX:plain), gave me some background into the world of metadata and its effectiveness in the prevention of cheating.


Onno Tomson, – Senior Advisor at ECABO

Onno will present a session at the Questionmark 2013 Users Conference in Barcelona from 10-12 November. I was interested to know more about his presentation, “Advanced Item Banking and Psychometric Analyses with Randomly Generated Assessments.”

Could you tell me about your organization and how you currently use Questionmark assessments?

eX:plain is a knowledge centre for vocational education and professional development. We develop and hold examinations and supply the appropriate content in training for a variety of professions. Questionmark is one of our main applications. We use it for the construction and delivery of our exams, both online and on paper. We average about 200, 000 exams per year.

Why do you use randomly generated questions in your assessments, and could you tell me how this works?

The randomization of questions in our exams is an essential way to prevent cheating. We have a large number of questions included in each bank which means that each individual taking the test will receive a completely different set of questions making it impossible for them to copy one another’s answers.

What problems can arise when drawing questions from large item banks to create your exams?

First, there is the challenge of keeping a good overview of the content.

Second we need to work with large amounts of metadata to make sure the right question pops up at the right spot in the right exam and for management and maintenance purposes.

Selecting questions on multiple metadata values can have the risk of negatively impacting performance. At the conference I will share my experiences and solutions to these important issues.

What do you hope people will take away from your breakout session?

A broader insight into how Questionmark deals with metadata, how it affects your grip on content and how it can affect performance.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

I’m looking forward to getting some updates on the development of Questionmark and my network and helping to influence the future product features by speaking with the Questionmark management team.

Keep pace with assessment news and trends at European learning events

Chloe MendoncaPosted by Chloe Mendonca

bb2We recently held a Breakfast Briefing at London Microsoft, where Questionmark users and other assessment and measurement professionals  discussed the various ways in which online assessment helps to ensure regulatory compliance.

The briefing included some stimulating questions and answers and a demonstration of our browser-based authoring tool, Questionmark Live. Stephen Kelly from The London Fire Brigade, shared how England’s largest fire service uses Questionmark for training confirmation and high-stakes exams.

If you missed the meeting, you may view the presentation slides here.

bb1Events like this one offer an opportunity to see our technologies in action, speak with Questionmark experts, and meet with  individuals from a wide range of industries.

The 2013 Questionmark European Users Conference is another great learning opportunity. It packs two days of learning, networking and fun into one memorable occasion. This year the conference will take place November 10-12 in Barcelona.

Whether you’re new to Questionmark or have been using our technologies for years, there are plenty of reasons to attend this event! And if you sign up by July 15th you will save €130. Click here to register now.


Grow what you know about assessment and measurement

Joan Phaup HeadshotPosted by Joan Phaup

We have not just one but two important opportunities coming up for customers to find out how to use our technologies more effectively, discuss best practices in assessment and measurement and soar up the learning curve.

The  Questionmark 2013 European Users Conference  in  Barcelona November 10 – 12 and the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference, in San Antonio March 4 – 7 both offer tremendous professional development opportunities, along with the chance to influence the future of our technologies.

We’ll tell you time and again that these conferences are the best places to learn, network and discover new tips and techniques — but don’t take our word for it.

Find out from this video what participants thought about our most recent conference — and start making your plans to attend!