Mark it up: Highlight text and strike through distractors in your online assessments

Brian McNamara HeadshotPosted by Brian McNamara

Remember what it was like to take a test or exam on paper? One of the benefits was that participants typically had the option of making marks on a test paper or test booklet to help them focus on certain key passages or terms – or perhaps to cross out certain choices as they worked on finding a correct answer.highlight-and-strikethrough-for-blog

As a test author or administrator, you might want to – or indeed be required to – provide this kind of flexibility during an exam.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice this flexibility when delivering your assessments online. New functionality being introduced to Questionmark OnDemand users enables them to configure their assessments to allow participants to:

  1. Highlight terms or passages within a question stimulus
  2. Make strike-through marks to visually eliminate distractors.

Highlight and strike-through is a great way to empower participants to create visual cues within items to help them focus on key content and eliminate distractors as they work to answer a given question.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below!


We have plenty of resources available to you. “How-to” videos and brief presentations about best practices, will give you valuable pointers about authoring, delivery and integration in our Learning Cafe. We also share presentations and videos on our SlideShare page.

Importing Qpacks into Questionmark Live: The Big Day is Here!


Posted by Jim Farrell

Our latest release of Questionmark Live brings highly requested features to the Questionmark Live Community.

 The most asked-for feature is the ability to import Qpacks created in Perception into Questionmark Live, our browser-based authoring tool for subject matter experts (SMEs). Well, that day has come. You can now import Qpacks and share them out to SMEs within your organization. This now gives you the power to conduct item review workshops on test items housed in your repository. Other new features include the ability to create essay questions and easier sharing of question sets.

Watch the video below to learn how to import your Perception Qpacks into Questionmark Live.