Topic Hierarchies in Questionmark Live!

Posted By Doug Peterson

Questionmark Live, Questionmark’s web-based item and assessment authoring tool, includes hierarchical topics for organizing questions.

Hierarchical topics allow you to author your questions in a tree structure as shown in the screen capture, starting with a broad topic at the highest level and narrowing down to a specific piece of knowledge at the lowest level.

In the example shown, the highest level of organization is school curricula. Math is then further broken down into more specific topics such as Precalculus, which is in turn narrowed further into Algebra and Trigonometry.

The Trigonometry topic is divided into even more detailed sub-topics. I can now create questions related to calculating a cosine value in the Cosines topic, while questions relating to Euler’s Formula would be stored in the Eulers Formula topic.

At this point it is very easy to assemble an assessment for a specific purpose. If I want to give a quiz on cosines, I can pull questions from the Cosines topic. If I’m creating an end-of-course exam, I would pull a few questions from each sub-topic under Trigonometry.

You can share any topic at any level in the hierarchy with other Questionmark Live users so that your whole team can work collaboratively, and the hierarchical structure is preserved as you move data between Questionmark Live and Authoring Manager (Questionmark’s Windows-based authoring tool).

If you’d like to become more familiar with Questionmark Live, check out this webinar on June 27, 2012 – 12:00 PM (EDT).

Hierarchical topics coming to Questionmark Live

Posted By Doug Peterson

Questionmark Live browser-based authoring has some really exciting new features coming out soon. The latest: Hierarchical topics and assessment creation enhancements.

Hierarchical topics

  • The Topics tab will feature a single-page interface where the Topic tree and questions list are shown on the same page, saving time when switching between Topics — just click on the Topic you want to view and the questions list immediately updates, displaying the questions contained within that particular Topic without having to leave the screen.
  • Topic hierarchies will be maintained when exporting and importing Qpacks —  compressed files containing all the questions, wording and resources used in a Question Set.
  • You will be able to share Topics at any level in the Topics hierarchy  with other Questionmark Live users (i.e., you could share a particular Topic without sharing a Topic at a higher or lower level in the hierarchy).

Assessment creation enhancements

We’re also making  a number of changes to assessment creation in Questionmark Live, so that you can create a Test, Exam, or Quiz, in addition to a Course Evaluation survey.

Existing Questionmark Live assessments will be maintained as Tests (existing Course Evaluation surveys will remain Course Evaluation surveys). The new assessment creation process will allow you to create and re-order multiple question blocks and assessment outcome blocks; configure settings such as time limit, security level and feedback level for an assessment,  and choose delivery options like  Save-As-You-Go.

Stay tuned on the blog for more details about these and other great features.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to become more familiar with Questionmark Live,  check out this webinar on June 27, 2012 – 12:00 PM (EDT).

You can try out Questionmark Live for yourself by clicking here.