Configuring Mobile Apps with Customer Number

Posted by Jim Farrell

I recently shared a video that showed how easy it is to configure our mobile apps to access your installation of Questionmark Perception. But I actually left out one of the best features within our apps: configuring with a customer number.

If you contact Customer Care, they can give you  a number that you can use within your mobile apps to access your installation, On Premise or OnDemand. This allows you to easily share the number to your user base without having to worry about a long URL address. Watch the following video to see how easy it is to use a customer number to configure your Questionmark Mobile App.

Considering key applications for mobile assessments

Posted by John Kleeman

Questionmark have recently introduced multi-lingual apps to deliver assessments on Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices, and I spent time at the European Users Conference last week demonstrating our Android app on my phone. In listening to our users talk about how they might deploy assessments on mobile devices, two areas attracted the most interest:

  1. Formative assessments. Assessments help learning; so giving quizzes to people on the device that they carry around with them all the time is interesting to many, and is easy to do. It’s attractive that with Questionmark, you author the assessments once, and participants can take them on their device of choice.
  2. Observational assessments. There is a big need to assess people doing things in work situations, whether it’s how a welder uses a machine, how a nurse interviews a patient or how a soldier cleans his equipment. It’s not practical to carry a laptop into many work environments, but it is practical to fill in questions on a mobile device while observing someone, so this possibility attracted a lot of interest.

Questionmark will shortly be improving our software for use for observational assessments – so watch this space.

P.S. I’m very excited to hear that Bryan Chapman is going to be the keynote speaker for our next users conference in Los Angeles in March 15 – 18, 2011. He is a real thought leader in our industry and someone I admire greatly – he introduced me and Questionmark to the AICC standard back in the 1990s and encouraged us to support it  –  and we’ve now been re-certified 5 times!