Adding and removing users from a shared Question Set in Questionmark Live

julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

I wanted to share a  feature in Questionmark Live that has proven to be both very popular and very important.

Questionmark Live offers the ability to easily share question sets with subject matter experts (SMEs) who are not part of your Questionmark Support Plan.

This is designed to help you share and revise your question sets with as many SMEs as your require, in order to create strong and defensible assessments.  After sharing your questions with SMEs it is easy to remove them from the list of users and un-share your questions.

Read this Knowledge Base Article and follow the directions outlined in the text.

Gathering comments from survey and course evaluation participants

Posted by Kate Soper

Are you delivering surveys or course evaluations? Why not enhance your questions with a participant’s comments box field? The comments box sits neatly below the question and will give your participants space to expand on their answers or provide you with additional comments and suggestions.
You can turn the participant comments box on and off in within Questionmark Perception’s Question Editor. It’s easy to add or omit a comments box when you are authoring in Questionmark Live, too. You can add participant comment boxes to most question types and view the responses in the Survey Report, Coaching Report and Question Statistics Report.  Participant comments boxes are also useful for questions you are beta testing.

For more information on using Questionmark Live to create your Course Evaluations, check out Jim Farrell’s blog post on that subject. Questionmark Support Plan customers can get more information about setting up comments boxes in this Knowledge Base article.

Import Offline Content into Questionmark Live


Posted by Jim Farrell

The Questionmark Live team has done it again! We have continually released new features to help you author questions. One of the latest allows you to import questions from a .csv file. We have provided a template with examples that will help you and your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) create questions offline and then import them into Questionmark Live. Log into Questionmark Live and read the Knowledge Base article on importing external questions into Questionmark Live.


Download the template and give it a try.

(Questionmark Live is available free to Questionmark Software Support Plan customers, but anyone can try it out! Email to set up a trial account.)