Napa Conference Overview & Special Live Webcast

Headshot JuliePosted by Julie Delazyn

The Questionmark Users Conference in Napa Valley March 10-13 is officially less than a month away!2015-napa-01

We are looking forward to seeing you there for three full days of learning and special events.

Experiencing the complete conference offers by far the best way to learn about assessment-related best practices and about how to make the most of Questionmark technologies. Participants will hear customer case studies and learn about the unique ways in which other organizations are using assessments. They will also weigh in on the product road map, connect with Questionmark staff and network with their peers while enjoying California’s beautiful wine country.

But here’s a great opportunity for Questionmark users who can’t travel to the conference this year: live webcasts of selected conference sessions.

These select sessions will be broadcast at no charge March 11-12:

  • Opening General Session
  • Introduction to Item Development in Large-Scale Test Development
  • Hacking yourself first: Protecting your assessment data with penetration testing
  • Conference Keynotecollage
  • Overview of Setting Performance Standards: Making the cognitive leap from scores to interpretations
  • Writing Performance-Based Test Items

Make sure to sign up for conference webcasts

Aside from getting to take advantage of beautiful California wine country, there’s much more in store for conference participants:

Register today for the full conference, but if you cannot make it, make sure to catch the live webcast

Crowdsourcing in action: a successful experiment at E-Assessment Live

john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

I’m reporting from the E-Assessment Live event at Loughborough University on a practical experience of crowdsourcing assessment content organized by our events team. We had a session with around 20 workstations in a room and gave everyone access via a browser to Questionmark Live, our new software-as-a-service authoring system that allows anyone with a browser to create questions easily and email them out for use in Questionmark Perception.

Most of the people in the room  were not familiar with Questionmark. We asked them all to create a question and email them to me from the system. They all logged into Questionmark Live and wrote a question on their home town which I brought into Questionmark Perception very easily, and within 20 minutes from the first question being authored we had an assessment. See below for a screenshot.


I think the availability of applications like Questionmark Live, which allow easy creation of questions by lots of people at the same time and amalgamation into an assessment, is going to make a big difference in the assessment world. Obvious ideas include getting students to create questions for each other and having SMEs brainstorm and then review questions as a group in an item writing workshop. Essentially harness the power of the crowd by letting each person contribute simultaneously rather than write items sequentially or hierarchically.

I am sure there will be ways of using crowdsourcing for questions that no one has thought of yet and this will hugely improve our productivity. Questionmark Live is free to Questionmark software support plan customers and open for anyone to evaluate. Seeing is believing, so I encourage you to try it out on our website.