Engaging with Customers Worldwide

julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

Over the past few months we have been engaging our customers all over the world and are grateful to have such a diverse customer base. Lately we’ve held the US Users Conference in Miami, a German Users Symposium in Berlin and meetings for users in Bangalore, Mumbai, Australia and South Africa as well as breakfast briefings in three UK cities. Looking forward, we are busy planning the European Users Conference in Amsterdam, to be held in October.

We are pleased about the growing number of events we are able to hold around the world and will continue connecting with our customers wherever they are — bringing them opportunities to discuss best practices and learn to use our technologies effectively while enjoying some great networking opportunities.

Learn more about our in-person events or, if you can’t physically make it to a briefing or a users’ meeting, join us online at our Web seminars.

Packing for India and Questionmark Events in Bangalore and Mumbai

rafael-conf-australia2Posted by Rafael Lami Dozo

It is time to pack our suits and hit the road again…This time we are going to India!

We will be holding events in two different cities:

The first event will be on May 5th at the Taj Residency of Bangalore in the middle of the Indian Silicon Valley. You can register here.

The second event will be on May 7th at the Grand Hyatt in bustling Mumbai. You can register here.

Participants in these meetings will hear a power-packed briefing session on “Effectively measuring knowledge, skills and ability with well-crafted assessments.”

This briefing session will show how to create assessments that shed light on a person’s skill and ability as well as their knowledge. We will examine a number of different question types – as well as question writing techniques – that can be used to measure cognitive skills and abilities.

This session will help you:

 – Understand the relationship between knowledge, skills and abilities
 – Distinguish between cognitive processes and types of knowledge
 – Connect appropriate question types to specific skills
 – Write questions that probe more effectively into cognitive skills and abilities
 – Determine when to use “multiple choice” item formats versus constructed response

Also, Indian users of Questionmark Perception will explain how they are using our assessment solutions.