What’s new in online & mobile assessment? Find out at a Breakfast Briefing

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Our first U.S. Questionmark Breakfast Briefings for 2010 are set for Boston and New York next week, so it seems like a good time to remind you about our annual visits to various cities. Questionmark staff look forward to greeting you at a briefing and sharing the latest news about online and mobile assessment.

Each briefing will include a complimentary breakfast at 8 a.m., followed by presentations and discussions from 8:30to about 11:30 a.m. There will be an overview of Questionmark Perception and a demonstration of Questionmark Live browser-based authoring, which makes it easy for subject matter experts to write everything from individual questions to entire assessments, including course evaluations.

We’ll cover lots of other topics  too, including:

* Delivering a single assessment to multiple devices, with centralized processing of results
* Using mobile devices such as Android phones and the Apple iPhone and iPad for quick course evaluations, observational assessments and more
* Assessments embedded within learning mashups on wikis, blogs and portals
* Integrations of Questionmark with SAP, SharePoint and other systems
* New tools for analyzing the results of surveys, quizzes and tests
* More meaningful reporting on the results of course evaluations

There will be a Questionmark User Group lunch and meeting after each of these briefings for people who are already using Questionmark Perception. User Groups offer an excellent opportunity to talk in depth about new technologies, to exchange ideas and to ask questions and get answers.

Here’s the schedule:

* Boston, MA (Woburn) –  Tuesday, September 21
* New York, NY   – Thursday, September 23
* Chicago, IL  – Monday, September 27
* Dallas, TX  – Tuesday, October 19
* Washington, DC  (Bethesda) – Thursday, October 21
* Ft Lauderdale, FL – Monday,October 26
* Los Angeles, CA  (Agoura Hills) – Tuesday, November 9

You can find complete details and sign up for a Breakfast Briefing and/or User Group meeting by visiting www.questionmark.com/go/briefings.

Save these dates for Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Noticing the start of “Back to School” sales (say it isn’t so!), it’s good to think of something to look forward to this fall: our annual series of Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings in the United States.

In addition to showing newcomers the basics of creating, delivering, and reporting on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams, we’ll be demonstrating how easy it is to deliver assessments to  mobile devices such as the Apple  iPhone and iPad. Our guests will also see the latest capabilities of  browser-based authoring in Questionmark Live and learn about embedding surveys and quizzes within blogs, wikis and portals to provide instant recall practice during learning. We’ll also focus on some best practices in analyzing and reporting on assessment results. We hope you will join us for breakfast and enjoy a morning of learning and networking with other assessment professionals from your area.

Current Questionmark users will get together after each briefing for lunch and an afternoon of in-depth discussions. This is a great opportunity to learn about coming product features and talk in depth with members of the Questionmark  team about technical issues, best practices and any other topics you would like to address.

Here’s the schedule. We hope you will visit our Web site to find out more and register.

  • Boston – September 21
  • New York – September 23
  • Chicago –  September 27
  • Dallas – October 19
  • Washington, DC – October 21
  • Ft Lauderdale – October 26
  • Los Angeles – November 9

Questionmark Live POP Quiz!


Posted by Jim Farrell

As I traveled around the US this past fall going to Questionmark Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings, it was great fun to introduce participants to our new browser-based authoring tool for subject matter experts, Questionmark Live.

Since then I’ve continued spreading the word about this easy authoring tool to Questionmark Nation, so I figure it’s high time for a pop quiz on the subject! This is a low-stakes assessment, so you can just have some fun answering the questions. It’s also “open book,” so you are welcome to look for answers here!

Good luck on the quiz. Please share it with your friends and co-workers! You can try out Questionmark Live for yourself at https://live.questionmark.com. Our software support plan customers use it free of charge, but anyone who wants to experiment with it can sample it for free.

If you are using Questionmark and want to see Questionmark Live in action, come to our bring-your-own laptop Questionmark Live  Item Writing Workshop at the Questionmark Users Conference March 14 – 17 in Miami.