24-hour support for assessments that never sleep

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

With global organizations delivering more and more assessments across multiple time zones as well as during evenings and weekends, we’re pleased to announce round-the-clock software support options for Enterprise Software Support Plan customers.

We’ve also added online chat, available via Questionmark Community Spaces, our online community for all of our support plan customers, as a simple way to get in touch with a technician during regular working hours.

Our 24 x 5 and 24 x 7 support options enable primary tech support contacts of ESSP customers to get in touch with our technicians around the clock seven days a week or just on weekdays, depending on their needs. Here’s how it works:

Chat with support during daytime and twilight hours.

  • Daytime support during regular business hours, using phone, email or online chat
  • Twilight support from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. local time, via online chat
  • Nighttime support from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. local time, via phone and email
  • Weekend support, via phone and email

For more details about  24 x 5 or 24 x 7 support, click here or contact customercare@questionmark.com.

The Value of Our Community

jim_small Posted by Jim Farrell

If you search on the Internet for the term “community” you get a tremendous number of hits, from Wikipedia definitions to the funny television show (not a commercial) with that title. When you go to the Wikipedia article, there are two things that stand out: 1. The definition for the word community is debated, so much so that by the 1950s there were 94 discrete definitions! 2: The advent of the Internet has changed the concept of community by removing the tie to a geographic location and focusing on common interests. That is the type of community I want to talk about.

globeAt the Association of Test Publishers’ (ATP)  Innovations in Testing Conference in Arizona last week, I sat in on a very interesting session titled “The Wild and Wacky World of Customer Communities” led by members of the Microsoft Certification Testing team. The goal of the session was to help people start customer communities in order to improve relationships with stakeholders — in their case the test takers themselves. I found it interesting because many of the issues people were facing, we at Questionmark had faced or continue to face today in our own customer community. The discussion was very engaging and people there definitely saw the advantages of sponsoring a community.

For those of you who don’t know, we rebuilt our online Questionmark Community last year. Our new Questionmark Community Spaces is a much more robust place for customers to ask questions, interact with other customers  and communicate with product managers. Some of the most authentic conversations  I witness come from customers answering questions posted by other customers. Product managers like me use the community space to post roadmaps, answer customer questions and discuss upcoming releases and features. We see it as a way to keep in touch with as many customers as possible and gauge their responses to new ideas. I’m also planning to post more videos there that show people how to use features  —  something I oh so love to do!

If you are a Questionmark software support plan customer and have not signed up to be a member of our Community Spaces I highly encourage you to do so, and I will see you there. Just go  to our Web site and click on Community Spaces under the “My Questionmark” tab.