Integrating and Connectors – SharePoint

Doug Peterson HeadshotPosted By Doug Peterson

There’s not just one way to integrate Questionmark with your SharePoint portal. There’s not just two ways. There are actually three ways to integrate a Questionmark assessment into a SharePoint page!

For Perception (on-premise) customers, it’s possible to use Windows Authentication to present to a SharePoint user a list of assessments for which they have been scheduled – without having to re-authenticate the user in Questionmark.

Questionmark has also developed a SharePoint Connector for our OnDemand customers. It’s a SharePoint web part that automatically logs the user into Questionmark and displays a list of assessments for which they have been scheduled.

The third way to integrate a Questionmark assessment with a SharePoint page is to embed it in the page. This is great for simple, anonymous quizzes and knowledge checks.

Check out this video for a quick overview of all three methods of integrating Questionmark and SharePoint.

SharePoint Video

Blackboard Connector – System Administrator

Posted by Steve Lay

In this week’s video, I provide an overview of the Blackboard Connector, as experienced by the Blackboard system administrator. I’ll show you how to install the connector and will talk you through the configuration and synchronisation settings. The Blackboard Connector enables you to seamlessly embed Questionmark assessments and surveys into your Blackboard courses.

Embedding Assessments in Microsoft SharePoint

Screenshot of Questionmark Assessment embedded in SharePointThere are several ways to use Microsoft SharePoint within your organization.  One of the easiest things you can do is embed a Questionmark Perception survey or quiz within SharePoint.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within SharePoint.
  • Check out this How-to on our developer Web site.
  • Microsoft’s SharePoint is increasingly used to manage and provide access to learning content. In addition to embedding assessments into SharePoint blogs, portals and wikis, you can provide single sign-on access to assessments by using a standard SharePoint page-viewer web part (if your organization uses Windows authentication) or by using Questionmark’s SharePoint Connector, an add-on that integrates Perception with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2007 (SPS).