Questionmark Live POP Quiz!


Posted by Jim Farrell

As I traveled around the US this past fall going to Questionmark Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings, it was great fun to introduce participants to our new browser-based authoring tool for subject matter experts, Questionmark Live.

Since then I’ve continued spreading the word about this easy authoring tool to Questionmark Nation, so I figure it’s high time for a pop quiz on the subject! This is a low-stakes assessment, so you can just have some fun answering the questions. It’s also “open book,” so you are welcome to look for answers here!

Good luck on the quiz. Please share it with your friends and co-workers! You can try out Questionmark Live for yourself at Our software support plan customers use it free of charge, but anyone who wants to experiment with it can sample it for free.

If you are using Questionmark and want to see Questionmark Live in action, come to our bring-your-own laptop Questionmark Live  Item Writing Workshop at the Questionmark Users Conference March 14 – 17 in Miami.

Quizzes within web pages help people remember

john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

I’m increasingly seeing the use of quizzes embedded in web pages.

Knowledge Check

Asking questions about something is a proven way to reduce forgetting. If you are not familiar with this concept, then I’d recommend reading Dr. Will Thalheimer’s paper on the Learning Benefits of Questions. This is an excellent read and available for free download on Questionmark’s website.

You can help people remember information from a web page by including an iframe quiz on it!  The quiz will liven up your page and  will help the people who take it remember what’s been communicated there. We’re putting some of these quizzes on the Questionmark website. Each quiz  presents five questions selected from a bank of 20 so that each time you load the page, you’ll get a slightly different quiz.


A live example is above or click here to see it in situation.

Questionmark users who want to do this for themselves can learn from this article how to put a quiz in a wiki or blog, and this one for more general instructions in an iframe.

How to Create and Manage Questions in Questionmark Perception

joan-small1Posted by Joan Phaup

Questions are the building blocks for all sorts of assessments, from surveys and quizzes to tests and exams. Whether you create items within Perception or import them from other programs, organizing them by topics helps you manage item banks effectively. Topics can be aligned with learning objectives — a big advantage in identifying knowledge gaps, measuring skills and prescribing learning and development plans.

The following feature tour  shows how to set up a topic structure and then add questions to it. It shows how to edit questions, add graphics and fine-tune the layout before previewing and saving questions. If you are not familiar with Questionmark Perception, this video will give you a basic understanding of how to create questions and put together a well-organized assessment.

You will find other simulations in Questionmark’s Learning Cafe, which includes resources about best practices as well as tutorials about the Questionmark Perception assessment management system.