European Conference Update: focus on best practices

Posted by Jane Townsend

With the Questionmark European Users Conference just a few months off, now’s a good time to look at some of the presentations we have lined up.

Here, for instance, here are just three of the breakout sessions that will focus on best practices:

  • Using the Latest Learning Research to Improve Your Questionmark Assessments — Find out how questions can directly help learning, and how to apply the findings of recent research to your use of assessments.
  • Using Web Services to Integrate with Questionmark Perception – Get an overview of integration methods and a deep dive into some powerful options for connecting to and building upon Questionmark Perception using Web Services — complete with examples of real-world applications.
  • Using Questionmark Perception to Make SharePoint an Effective Learning Platform – Learn to use Questionmark Perception inside SharePoint right out of the box to measure and reinforce learning. It’s easier than you may think: no programming experience required!

Click here for details about these and many other sessions, which will include product training, case studies and drop-ins with Questionmark technicians.

The conference also offers excellent opportunities to meet with Questionmark product managers and to network with your learning and assessment colleagues.

It’s a great learning opportunity, so register soon to join us in Brussels from 9 – 11 October.

Web seminars offer tips from Questionmark staff and customers

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Our current U.S. Web seminars offer information and advice from Questionmark staff as well as customers. We encourage you to sign up for as many sessions as you want:

  • Introduction to Questionmark Perception – Get an overview of Perception’s features and basic information about how to use the software. This session is ideal for people who are just beginning to explore the possibility of using Questionmark technologies and services.
  • From Item Banking to Content Harvesting: Authoring in Questionmark Perception – Compare the various authoring tools you can use to create questions and assessments. Discover which tools are the most practical for you and how to make them work together to produce assessments quickly and easily.
  • Questionmark Customers Online: Distributing the Workload with Questionmark Live – Learn how Shenandoah University has involved faculty in question writing through the use of Questionmark Live.
  • Questionmark Customers Online: Using Flash and Captivate in Questionmark Perception – See how to use Adobe Captivate and Flash videos within Questionmark Perception questions. (Please note: This Webinar, scheduled for May 25th, is nearly full. Space is very limited, so sign up soon!)
  • What’s New in Questionmark Perception Version 5? – Understand the new features in Questionmark Perception version 5. The webinar is ideal for current Questionmark users or anyone who wants to learn about what’s new and what’s changed in the newest release of Questionmark Perception.

For a full schedule, session details and free registration for U.S. Web seminars, as well as free registration, visit

We also have Web seminars scheduled in the U.K., France and Germany. For details about these sessions, visit: