Measuring learning in SharePoint: where to find info

Posted by Julie Delazyn

The way we learn is changing. By allowing us to more easily share information and acquire knowledge, the Internet has made it easier to learn informally. Moving away from the traditional academic model, we are increasingly learning from each other and on the job.

Microsoft SharePoint’s popularity as a collaboration environment for everyday work tasks makes it a readily available environment for learning functions — an idea that fits in well with the 70+20+10 learning model. Assessments also fit in well with that model, and with SharePoint, too.

Many types of assessments can work well with SharePoint – everything from quizzes, diagnostic tests, knowledge checks and competency tests to surveys and course evaluations. No matter what the setting – a formal learning program, regulatory compliance, performance support or an employee/partner portal, perhaps – assessments have key roles to play.

How to include assessments in SharePoint?
•    Inbuilt SharePoint – functional for basic surveys
•    Custom web parts – write your own!
•    Embed Flash apps – possible for simple quizzes
•    Embed web apps – easy to do. (See how a Questionmark user has embedded a quiz to engage learners.)

If you would like to learn more about using assessments within SharePoint, you can check out this Questionmark presentation on SlideShare.

For more details, download the white paper Learning and Assessment on SharePoint or visit John Kleeman’s SharePoint and Assessment blog.

Steve Lay on Integrating SharePoint with External Systems

Posted by Julie Delazyn

Microsoft SharePoint’s popularity as a collaboration environment for everyday work tasks makes it a readily available environment for learning functions — an idea that fits in well with the 70+20+10 learning model.

Questionmark Integration Product Owner Steve Lay points out the possibilities and challenges of integrating learning functions into an existing portal environment in a recent post on John Kleeman’s SharePoint and Assessment blog.

In that post, Integrating with SharePoint: Intranet to Internet, Steve identifies issues such as integrating identity and authentication between SharePoint and external systems, notes the progress being made toward using externally hosted tools together with SharePoint and offers some links for people interested in more details.

The post is well worth reading if you are interested in SharePoint integration. For insights on many other integration-related themes, check out Steve’s own blog.

A New White Paper on Using Assessments within SharePoint

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Several posts in this blog have noted the ease of incorporating Questionmark Perception assessments within Microsoft SharePoint, a widely used tool that makes it easy to create collaborative Web sites.

We’re pleased to tell you that we have just published a new white paper that explains why this is so valuable and how to make it happen. Learning and Assessment on SharePoint shows how assessments within SharePoint can support activities in learning, education, training and compliance. It explains how you can use  various types of assessments – from surveys and knowledge checks to quizzes and tests — to provide retrieval practice, motivate learners and measure knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The paper covers these topics:

  • An explanation of assessments for, in, of and after learning and the roles of diagnostic, formative, needs, reaction and summative assessments
  • Applications of assessments within SharePoint for formal and informal learning, compliance, observational assessments and more
  • Two ways to include Questionmark assessments within SharePoint – by embedding them in a page or by presenting a list of assessments for a participant to click on
  • Synergies between SharePoint and Questionmark software that can make this integration even more useful

The paper applies to SharePoint 2007 (including WSS and MOSS), SharePoint 2010 (including Foundation, Server and Enterprise) and Office 365’s SharePoint Online.

Click here to download this new white paper with our compliments!

Happy Birthday SharePoint 2010

Posted by John Kleeman

A year ago (May 12th 2010), Microsoft launched SharePoint 2010 and Questionmark wishes SharePoint 2010 a happy first birthday.

A key improvement in SharePoint 2010 over the earlier 2007 version was the inclusion of much-improved tools for social networking. Blogs and wikis are stronger. You can tag and rate pages and resources. There are activity streams, better personal sites and knowledge mining. The updated user interface, with an Office-like ribbon, makes it easier to use and helps people realize SharePoint is an end-user tool, not just a techie tool.

Questionmark is seeing a lot more interest in integrating assessments in SharePoint now that the 2010 version is out. Companies are looking at expanding their existing SharePoint installations to add a social dimension to learning and training, and universities are also looking at deploying SharePoint for learning, sometimes in place of traditional VLEs. Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud offering, includes a twin sister of SharePoint 2010 (“SharePoint Online”) inside it, and I know this will help bring more people to the SharePoint party.

We’ve started our own blog on SharePoint and assessments; for more on this see

According to Microsoft, every day for the last 5 years, 20,000 workers have joined the ranks of SharePoint users. If you’re one of these or are thinking of becoming one, then to celebrate SharePoint’s birthday, here is a fun quiz on SharePoint – how much do you know?

Including a Questionmark Knowledge Check within SharePoint is easier than you think

Posted by John Kleeman

Many Questionmark customers use SharePoint within their organization. Microsoft SharePoint is a fantastic tool that lets non-technical people create collaborative web sites, and SharePoint is a great system to deploy assessments in for learning, training and compliance.

One of the easiest ways to include an assessment inside SharePoint is as a knowledge check – you can easily put a Questionmark Perception assessment beside some learning content as in the screenshot.

embed assessment sharepoint 2010

Putting a knowledge check in a SharePoint page gives three benefits

  • The learner can check he/she understands
  • The learner gets retrieval practice to reinforce the learning
  • As author, you can run reports to see which parts of the learning are understood or missed

In order to help people get the benefits of using assessments inside SharePoint, Questionmark have launched a new blog which focuses on SharePoint and assessment. This will allow us to run more detailed articles on SharePoint and assessments than the main blog can.

SharePoint is a lot easier to use than many people think. You don’t need administrative rights or programming skills to do most things. At the Questionmark Users Conference last week, I ran a session where people added an assessment in a sandbox site in just a few minutes. You can include an assessment inside SharePoint using the Page Viewer Web Part, which most people who can edit SharePoint pages have access to – if you want to give it a go, here are some instructions from the new blog.

Briefings & User Groups Set for Bethesda, Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles

Joan PhaupPosted by Joan Phaup

If you find yourself in the Washington, D.C., Ft. Lauderdale or Los Angeles areas during the next few weeks, you may have some great learning and networking opportunities in store.

Questionmark Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings are scheduled in Bethesda, Maryland, on October 21st, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on October 26th and Agoura Hills, near Los Angeles, on November 9th.  The briefings will take place in the morning, with current Questionmark users gathering for lunch and in-depth discussions right after each briefing.

Beginners can get a general introduction to Questionmark Perception at the Breakfast Briefings, which will also show participants how to:

  • streamline how subject matter experts create and share questions and other assessment content
  • help multiple authors to work collaboratively in developing and managing content
  • leverage mobile devices such as smart phones or the Apple iPad for delivering assessments
  • enhance the learning process with quizzes and other online formative assessments
  • conduct observational assessments
  • integrate tests/quizzes in SharePoint to complement and measure the impact of learning content
  • gain a better understanding of your assessment results and how to communicate about them

Questionmark customers who attend User Group Meetings will spend some quality time together over lunch, learn about coming product features and talk in depth with  Questionmark managers about technical issues, best practices and any other topics.

We hope you will be our guest for at least one of these events. If you are a Perception user and would like to attend both events 0n the same day, please register for them individually. Click here for Breakfast Briefing details and registration — and here for User Group participation.