Top 5 Questionmark Presentations on SlideShare

Posted by Julie Delazyn

Presentations make up a huge part of the way thought leaders at Questionmark pass on all the great information that comes from our various white papers, research and case studies.

We have been sharing many of these presentations with you by featuring and posting them to our new Questionmark SlideShare page.  I read and answer comments all the time from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and, most recently, Google+ about the value of our presentations as well as the ways in which they are being shared and used. These are in high demand, and last week SlideShare featured Questionmark on its homepage for having the most popular presentation on that particular day.

So, we thought it would be helpful to highlight our five most popular presentations on our SlideShare page (in no particular order):

Feel free to comment, share and let us know in which ways these have helped you!

Embedding Questionmark Assessments in Ning

Screenshot of an Embedded Assessment in NingEmbed a Questionmark Perception assessment, survey or quiz inside your Ning network Web site.

  • Check out this How-to on our developer Web site.
  • Ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks.  A low-stakes quiz or survey within Ning is a great way to interact with your network and collect information from your readers.