Questionmark Breakfast Briefings & User Group Meetings Start Tomorrow

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Just as students are returning to school these days, we at Questionmark are starting our annual fall series of  Breakfast Briefings and User Group meetings in the U.S.

Our Briefing guests will join us for a complimentary breakfast and a hands-on tutorial, during which they will be able to create questions and assessments using Questionmark Perception. The tutorials take place in computer training rooms, so this is a great way to try out the software and a good opportunity to ask questions.  We will also be showing people how to use Questionmark Live, our new browser-based authoring tool for subject matter experts, and they will see new ways of managing multilingual assessments and delivering assessments on mobile devices.

Current Perception users are invited to join us for lunch, discussions about topics of their choice and in-depth looks at new product features and Questionmark services.  Not only do these meetings give our customers the opportunity to talk with Questionmark managers; they also help our team understand customers’ challenges and needs with regard to assessments.

We will kick off in the Boston area  tomorrow and work our way around to a total of seven cities. Here’s the schedule:

  • September 1: Boston (Burlington)
  • September 3: New York
  • September 24: Chicago
  • October 6:  Dallas
  • October 8 and 9 :  Washington, DC (second session added by popular demand!)
  • October 20: Atlanta
  • October 22: Los Angeles

There’s still time to sign up for a briefing and/or a user group meeting: click here for information about the Briefings, and here for User Group details.

There is no charge for attending these events, so we hope you will take advantage of these great learning opportunities and will join us!

Questionmark User Group Meetings in September and October

joan-small1Posted by Joan Phaup

Questionmark customers will be getting together with Questionmark managers in September and October for a series of regional user group meetings. We started organizing these meetings a few years ago in conjunction with our annual series of complimentary Breakfast Briefings that introduce people to the basics of using Questionmark Perception. During user group meetings, our customers get an in-depth look at new product features and have the opportunity to share their views about our products and services. They also have a great time networking with each other and learn a lot in the process.

Here’s the schedule for morning briefings and afternoon user group meetings:

September 1: Boston
September 3: New York
September 24: Chicago
October 6:  Dallas
October 8:  Washington, DC
October 20: Atlanta
October 22: Los Angeles

Online registration for the user group meetings is available here.

People who would like a basic introduction to the use of Perception can sign up for a briefing.

Questionmark Breakfast Briefings & User Group Meetings: Save a Date!

joan-small1Posted by Joan Phaup

You may have summer vacation on your mind, but I hope you will take a moment now to consider your schedule in September and October. That’s when Questionmark staff will visit seven U.S. cities for our annual round of Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings.

The briefings include hands-on tutorials for people who are new to Questionmark Perception or users who would like a refresher! We hold these in computer training centers so our guests can try out the latest features in Perception. This year they can try Questionmark Live, our new browser-based authoring tool for subject matter experts. We will also be showing how to deliver assessments on mobile devices. Translation management will be on the agenda too — but we will also be sure to cover the basics of creating, delivering, and reporting on surveys, quizzes, tests exams. We’ll treat everyone to breakfast and spend a very worthwhile morning together.

User Groups will get together after each briefing for lunch and an afternoon of discussions. Perception users will have the opportunity to learn about new product features  and talk in depth with Questionmark management about technical issues, best practices and any other topics the groups would like to cover.

Here’s the schedule. You can find out more and register by visiting our Web site.

Boston…September 1
New York…September 3
Chicago…September 24
Dallas…October 6
Washington, DC…October 8
Atlanta…October 20
Los Angeles…October 22