Announcing Questionmark Analytics for Easy, Flexible Reporting

Posted by Joan Phaup

We’re very pleased to announce that Questionmark Analytics, our next-generation reporting system, has just become available with this week’s release of Questionmark Perception version 5.3 OnDemand.

Example Course Summary Report Chart

Users of our OnDemand Solutions now have access to the next-generation reporting tools of Questionmark Analytics, which is one of several improvements in version 5.3. The others include:

  • A new, portal-based interface for access to administrative and reporting functions
  • Multilingual Administrative interfaces now available in six language
  • Shorter, standardized URLs for both participants and administrators to log in with

Questionmark Analytics pulls information from a shared repository and stores it in a specially constructed Results Warehouse. Users can designate what data to analyze and display in their reports. They can also choose how they’d like to distribute reports to stakeholders — as HTML, PDF or CSV files.

Questionmark Analytics includes eight new reports – including four focused on course evaluation and two new item bank reports:

  • Course Summary
  • Instructor Summary
  • Class Summary
  • Class Detail Report
  • Survey Frequency Analysis
  • Assessment Results Over Time
  • Question Status
  • Question Type

We’ll be explaining how to use these reports in future blog posts, so stay tuned!

Get up to speed with what’s new in Questionmark Perception version 5

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Would you like to get up to date with the most recent version of Questionmark Perception? Then sign up for our next hour-long web seminar explaining mobile delivery tools and other features in version 5, at  3 p.m. Eastern Time this Wednesday, December 15th.

Here are some of the subjects we’ll cover, along with participants’ questions:

  • Delivery platform
  • Participant experience
  • Deployment options
  • Enhanced security
  • Scalability
  • Auto-sensing and auto-sizing for mobile delivery
  • Translation management
  • Migration from version 4 to version 5
  • Support and self-help resources

Click here to register for the “What’s New” session. If Questionmark is completely new to you, we recommend signing up for an Orientation Webinar for an overview of authoring, scheduling, delivering and reporting about assessments.

Short quiz on the history of assessment

john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

How well do you know the history of assessment? Did you know, for instance, that the Likert scale, used for surveys in which respondents specify their level of agreement (.e.g., Agree / Neither Agree nor Disagree / Disagree) to various statements, was invented only 80 years ago?

Here is a short 8-question summer quiz on the history of assessment. I hope you enjoy it.

As with all assessments in Questionmark Perception version 5, this assessment auto-senses and auto-sizes to fit the device, page-size or frame it’s on. The assessment you see here is embedded in the blog page. If you want to see the assessment in a different size, try calling the same URL ( directly from your browser and you’ll see that the Next and Submit buttons and other screen furniture will size themselves to fit the screen you are on.

Some day, all assessments will be like this.

New Dutch and German Interfaces for Questionmark Perception

Screenshot of Questionmark Perception Enterprise Manager - German InterfaceJoan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

Our recent release of Questionmark Perception version 5.2 builds on the new features introduced in version 5. Most notably, we have added German and Dutch administrative, scheduling, browser-based authoring and reporting interfaces to Perception’s Enterprise Manager.

Click here if you would like to download version 5.2 and try it out.

Using Twitter to help learners retain knowledge

john_smallPosted by John KleemanTwitter  Logo

Here’s a question for you: “What is the best way of stopping people forgetting things after learning?”

Think about this for a moment before looking ahead if you can.

I hope your answer is something like this: by asking them questions over time after the learning takes place.

When you learn something, you connect two or more concepts in memory. And when you are asked a question about what you have learned, you have to search your memory to find the answer. This searching makes the connection in memory stronger, so in the future you will be more likely to remember what you have learned rather than forget it. If you’re not familiar with this important idea, see these white papers by learning expert Will Thalheimer for more information:  The Learning Benefits of Questions and Measuring Learning Results.

If your learners go on to another course or go back to work, it’s not always easy to reach them to stimulate their memory with follow-up questions. Here’s where Twitter comes in: it can be a great tool for sending follow up questions.

Twitter grad logo

  1. Have your learners follow you on Twitter, either on your main account, or on a subsidiary account made for each course.
  2. Post short questions as tweets to stimulate people’s memory. Remember, even thinking about the answer can help reinforce the learning. You could post the right answer the next day.
  3. Follow these up with quizzes in Questionmark Perception. You can post links to to these assessments in your tweets. With the new support of mobile devices in Perception version 5, your learners can access these quizzes from mobile devices as well as PCs and Macs, and take the quizzes from their home or while traveling.

Shortening a question into 140 characters  is usually possible, and it’s easy to compress a URL to Perception’s open access entry point (open.php) to fit within a tweet. For instance the URL links to one of Questionmark’s sample assessments on Electricity Skills.
I hope this idea helps. And in case you’ve forgotten, what is the best way of helping people remember after learning?

Questionmark Users Conference: Here’s the Full Program

Joan Phaup

Posted by Joan Phaup

The program for the Questionmark Users Conference in Miami March 14 -17 offers something for every Questionmark Perception user, whether they are just starting out or have been using Perception for many years. Here’s the complete line-up of conference sessions.

The conference will also include opportunities to meet one-on-one with Questionmark product managers and technicians, and to attend networking events.

General Sessions

  • Opening General Session: Conference kick-off
  • Keynote: Dr. David Metcalf on “Assessments on the Move: Mobility, Mashups and More”
  • Closing General Session: The Road Ahead

Customer Case StudiesMiami

  • Integrating Questionmark Perception and SAP for Employment Testing
  • Streamlined Training and Assessment at NPPD: Integrating Perception with SAP Learning Solution
  • Using Flash and Captivate in Questionmark Perception
  • Questionmark Live: Distributing the Workload and Increasing Accessibility
  • Many from One: Creating Hundreds of Questions to QML Import Using Excel
  • Question Bank as a Knowledge Tree: Sowing the Seeds of Knowledge
  • Questionmark in Dental Education: Why, How and Lessons Learned
  • Establishing a Broad National Certification Network Based on Questionmark
  • Questionmark Perception as a Central Component of a Training Strategy
  • Perfecting the Test Through Question Analysis
  • The Cloud School: Learning and Assessment for Underserved People in Brazil

Tech Training

  • Introduction to Questionmark Perception for Beginners
  • Advanced Authoring Techniques Using Authoring Manager
  • Planning Your Migration from Perception v4 to v5
  • Configuring the User Experience and Understanding Templates in Perception v5
  • Analyzing and Sharing Results with Enterprise Reporter
  • Using Perception for Evaluations and Other Types of Surveys
  • Methods for Integrating Perception with Other SystemsDeco Drive, South Beach

Best Practices

  • Item and Test Analysis Analytics
  • Making Your Assessments Available and Accessible to All
  • Questionmark Live Item Writing Workshop: Bring Your Own Laptop!
  • Technical Standards and Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform
  • Conducting Validity Studies within Your Organization
  • Effectively Measuring Knowledge, Skill and Ability with Well-crafted Assessments

Peer Discussions:

  • Strategies for High-Stakes Tests
  • Shaping the Future of ADL SCORM: What’s On Your Wish List?
  • Using Questionmark To Facilitate ROI strategies

Drop-in Demos

  • Options and More Options: Different Ways to Deliver Your Assessments
  • What’s New in Perception Version 5?
  • Tools/Features to Enhance Your Use of Perception

Register for the conference and join us in Miami!