Adding Audio to Assessment Questions


Posted by Jim Farrell

One of the most powerful pieces of media that can be added to a question is audio. I have used audio in a variety of ways for assessments ranging from interpreting sounds from a computer to setting up scenarios where a customer service agent has to understand the emotions of a customer and respond accordingly.

There are a number of ways to add audio to questions and assessments using Questionmark products. Today let’s look at the newest way to add audio: Questionmark Live browser-based authoring. The following video shows you how easy it is to add audio to a question in Questionmark Live.

I invite our software support plan customers to head over to the Authoring Zone in Questionmark Communitty Spaces to share how they are using audio in their assessment programs after they’re watched the video. If you’re not familiar with Questionmark Live, you can click here to try it out.

PIP, PIP, Hooray! Sending Push Notifications to iPhones

tomking_tn80x60-21 Posted by Tom King

Sometimes it’s important to know when someone finishes an assessment. Using standard, built-in Perception functionality you can have an automated email pushed to anyone you like–for instance the participant, a manager, or an instructor. But today I’d like to show how you can push an instant notification to an iPhone.

Perception PIP files can be a powerful yet lightweight way to integrate with web applications. Using only a PIP file and a $2.99 iPhone application, you can send push notifications of assessment completion or results directly from Perception to your iPhone (actually up to 5 iPhones or iPod Touch devices at once). Interested to see it in action? Take a look at this 45 second video.

It was surprisingly easy to do that with the help of the Perception Web Deployment Guide section on PIP files, and the Prowl API information. Of course, I also had to spend $2.99 to get Prowl on the iTunes App Store. If you’d like to learn how it is done, please take a quick look at the 5 minute explanation below.

Preview image of video on How to Create Push Notifications Using PIP and Prowl

To make things still easier, the Questionmark documentation team added a Knowledge Base article to the Questionmark Support site, How can I use PIP and Prowl to send push notifications to my iPhone? (Community logon by Questionmark Software Support Plan customers required). I hope this inspires you to do your own creative PIP file integrations.