Video: Secure and Collaborative Assessment Authoring

Doug Peterson HeadshotPosted By Doug Peterson
Questionmark Live is Questionmark’s easy-to-use online item and assessment authoring tool that makes it easy for authors to collaborate securely.
In this video, we’ll take a quick look at sharing topics in Questionmark Live.

Assessments Through the Learning Process: Video & white paper

Headshot JuliePosted by Julie Delazyn

Quizzes, tests, and exams do so much more than determine whether or not a learner passed a training course. These assessments, as well as surveys, play a crucial role in learning, performance improvement and regulatory compliance. I’m please to share an 8-minute video that explores the varied and important roles assessments play before, during and after a learning experience.

This video — as well as our white paper, Assessments through the Learning Process, are great places to start exploring the possibility of using online assessments in education, training, certification or compliance. They explain how you can use assessments to improve learning and measurement, and will point you to many additional information sources.

Make sure to bookmark the Questionmark Learning Cafe to stay up to date with videos, demonstrations and other resources about everything from assessment-related best practices to the use of Questionmark technologies.

Mark it up: Highlight text and strike through distractors in your online assessments

Brian McNamara HeadshotPosted by Brian McNamara

Remember what it was like to take a test or exam on paper? One of the benefits was that participants typically had the option of making marks on a test paper or test booklet to help them focus on certain key passages or terms – or perhaps to cross out certain choices as they worked on finding a correct answer.highlight-and-strikethrough-for-blog

As a test author or administrator, you might want to – or indeed be required to – provide this kind of flexibility during an exam.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice this flexibility when delivering your assessments online. New functionality being introduced to Questionmark OnDemand users enables them to configure their assessments to allow participants to:

  1. Highlight terms or passages within a question stimulus
  2. Make strike-through marks to visually eliminate distractors.

Highlight and strike-through is a great way to empower participants to create visual cues within items to help them focus on key content and eliminate distractors as they work to answer a given question.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below!


We have plenty of resources available to you. “How-to” videos and brief presentations about best practices, will give you valuable pointers about authoring, delivery and integration in our Learning Cafe. We also share presentations and videos on our SlideShare page.

Learning Café: Video to help you align learning solutions with strategic goals

Headshot JuliePosted by Julie Delazyn

We’re thrilled to be continuously adding rich new material to our Learning Café.

“How-to” videos and brief presentations about best practices, will give you valuable pointers about authoring, delivery and integration.

For instance, here’s a video that will make your learning initiatives more relevant and effective. It describes the A-model, which provides a framework for progressing from analysis and design right through to measurement and evaluation — using solid, results-based guidance for developing effective learning programs that serve organizational goals.

Watch the video on Learning Café and download a white paper about the A-model


Video: How to create hotspot questions for quizzes and tests

Brian McNamara HeadshotPosted by Brian McNamara

In the past couple of months we’ve been excited to share new assessment authoring features that you can use in Questionmark Live.

We have most recently discussed the built-in math formula editor and a LaTeX formula editor.

Today, I have put together a video on how you can easily and seamlessly author a hotspot question in Questionmark Live. In this demonstration, I create a basic anatomy hotspot question and upload an image where a participant will mark their answer. This is a simple-to-use but very exciting tool that allows you to accurately define your hotspot region.

Check out the video below or in our Learning Cafe:

This capability and many others will be demonstrated the Questionmark Users Conference in Baltimore next week Register online by Friday!

Early-birds: Conference registration savings end today

Joan Phaup HeadshotPosted by Joan Phaup

The Questionmark 2013 Users Conference will start about six weeks from now, so early-bird sign-ups will end this Friday, January 18th.

If you want to save $100 on your conference registration, now is the time to act!

We are looking forward to seeing customers in Baltimore for three intensive days of learning, professional development and networking. Whether you are just starting out with Questionmark or have many years of experience, this conference truly is the best place to learn about our technologies, improve your assessments and gather knowledge from Questionmark staff, industry experts and fellow learning and assessment professionals.

Some highlights:

  • Charles Jennings’ keynote, Meeting the Challenge of Measuring Informal and Workplace Learning
  • Bring-your-own-laptop sessions on authoring questions and assessments
  • Nine different instructional presentations about the use of Questionmark features and functions
  • Focus groups about future solutions for assessment authoring, delivery and analytics
  • Opportunities to meet one-on-one with Questionmark technicians
  • Case studies and peer discussions
  • Instruction in the use of Questionmark features and functions
  • Advice from industry experts on everything from instructional design to item analysis
  • Questionmark’s 25th Anniversary Party and other great social events
  • Two optional pre-conference workshops: Boot Camp for Beginners and Criterion-Referenced Test Development

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