Embedding Assessments in WikiSpaces

Embed a Questionmark Perception assessment, survey or quiz within a WikiSpaces page.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within a widget using WikiSpaces.
  • Check out this how-to on our developer web site.
  • Wikispaces is a hosting service (sometimes called a wiki farm) based in San Francisco, California.  Simple wikis — simple web pages that groups can edit together — are easy to set up and free to use. However, private wikis with advanced features for businesses, non-profits and educators are available for an annual fee. Embedding an assessment into a WikiSpaces page is simple. WikiSpaces has the ability to add HTML to any web page using a widget, which extends the basic functionality of a wiki and adds an IFrame where you can embed your assessment.

Embedding Questionmark Assessments in Drupal

Embed a Questionmark Perception survey or quiz in your Drupal page.

  • To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within a Central Desktop wiki workspace.
  • Check out this how-to on our developer Web site.
  • Drupal is a free, open source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. It allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Your assessments can be embedded in your Drupal page through an IFrame.

Using SharePoint and Questionmark Together

Posted by Brian McNamara

Over the past few months this blog has featured several examples of how you can easily embed assessments intimately within learning and informational content to help focus attention on key points and provide real-time feedback.  Today we’ll take a look a look at how to access Questionmark assessments from Microsoft SharePoint, a platform used by thousands of corporate, government and academic organizations and which is increasingly used to manage and provide access to learning content.Snapshot of assessment embedded into SharePoint

There are several ways you can use SharePoint and Questionmark Perception together:

  • Embed a quiz or survey in a SharePoint portal page, wiki or blog.
  • Provide single sign-on access to assessments – allowing participants to view and launch Questionmark assessments assigned to them from within SharePoint.

This is possible:

– Using a standard SharePoint page-viewer web part (if your organization uses Windows authentication)
– Using Questionmark’s SharePoint Connector. Learn about the connector.

To see how this would look, see a snapshot of an assessment embedded within SharePoint.

Check out this How-to on our developer Web site for more details.
To learn about Questionmark’s SharePoint Connector, click here.

Quizzes within web pages help people remember

john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

I’m increasingly seeing the use of quizzes embedded in web pages.

Knowledge Check

Asking questions about something is a proven way to reduce forgetting. If you are not familiar with this concept, then I’d recommend reading Dr. Will Thalheimer’s paper on the Learning Benefits of Questions. This is an excellent read and available for free download on Questionmark’s website.

You can help people remember information from a web page by including an iframe quiz on it!  The quiz will liven up your page and  will help the people who take it remember what’s been communicated there. We’re putting some of these quizzes on the Questionmark website. Each quiz  presents five questions selected from a bank of 20 so that each time you load the page, you’ll get a slightly different quiz.


A live example is above or click here to see it in situation.

Questionmark users who want to do this for themselves can learn from this article how to put a quiz in a wiki or blog, and this one for more general instructions in an iframe.

The stories behind our stories, from Questionmark’s CEO

eric_smallPosted by Eric Shepherd

I have been watching the Questionmark Blog with interest and thought that, as Questionmark’s CEO, it was about time that I made a contribution!

The Questionmark Blog was started to keep you in touch with our products, our news releases, learning materials and our Product Owners’ points of view.  We’ve been focusing on articles that assist assessment practitioners and instructional designers; recently we previewed how embedding syndicated assessments within wikis, web pages and blogs can support the learning process.

eric-tag-cloudSeparate to this initiative I have been running a personal blog (http://blog.eric.info) to bring you more abstract thoughts, observations from travels, and distillations of conversations that I’ve enjoyed along the way.  Not surprisingly the Tag Cloud quickly shows what I blog about, Assessments, Books, Travel and Questionmark.  Here are some links that you might find interesting:

•    Recent article on Learning Environments that explains how systems are now being built around Single Sign-on Portals, Wikis, Blogs and Data Warehouses
•    Questionmark Live – Story Behind the Story
•    Assessments Fundamentals with articles on Fidelity of an Assessment, Blooms Taxonomy, Item Analysis,   Types Of Assessments (Formative, Diagnostic, Summative, and Surveys), and many more.
•    A couple of YouTube videos, one titled Assessment as they relate to Learning Professionals
•    My Favorite Books , which relate to mostly to best practices in management and assessments. I’ll be posting more as I get time.

I look forward to meeting you out in the web 2.0 world!